Wooh Da Kid - Body Bag (feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Bo Deal)

Black Out / 2010


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BokuAka and #9 please!~ ps I love your blog so much <3 hope you're doing well!!

Omg I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t think of something good enough (I still think it’s not good enough), but I hope you enjoy this, anoncakes! This is also my first time writing BokuAka, how exciting ajsnsd thank you for asking, love! ♥

BokuAka. 9. “Let’s make a deal!”

As soon as they stepped into their shared apartment Bokuto kicked his shoes and dropped his backpack right behind the door, grinning when Akaashi playfully pinched his side to remember him not to leave his mess right there.

“I’ll pick it soon, Kei”, Akaashi nodded as he quietly makes his way towards their bedroom. Bokuto watched him walk, heavens, how many time he had watched Akaashi Keiji walk and he never noticed the way his hips swing from side to side and how bubbly his ass was.

“Stop staring at my butt, Kou”, Bokuto giggled, quickly following his boyfriend.

“Your butt is really hot, Keiji”, Kotarou felt Akaashi’s cheeks turning bright pink and heard the rolling of his eyes. “It’s the truth!”

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The realest song out right now.


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Bo Deal (Feat. Waka Flocka, King Samson, Killa Kellz, I.L Will, Co-Still & Leoski D) - Ima Opp Remix


I love you Flocka<333333333333