Waka Flocka, Chief Keef & Bo Deal - Murda (Official Video)

Unexpectedly, Chief Keef dropped the video for his and Waka’s collabo. If you’re like me you’ve been praying for this to happen. I’m too excited to even say anything about the video.


Bo Deal f/ Waka Flocka Flame & Chief Keef - “Murda” (Youtube, 2012)

This song is twice as good as the Keef/Kanye remix and it will get one-tenth of the hype.


Bo Deal - Debo (Video)


Bo Deal f/ Mello G Bianca - “Safe Sex” (Brick Squad/Mixtape, 2011)
Certain Chicago bloggers have been repping for this pretty hard and while I do tend to agree (because all gender battle rap songs are awesome) I’m still struggling to parse the song’s message or intent. Like it’s cool how Bo inverts the typical baby momma trap theory into him poking holes in condoms but I’m still completely unclear on what the end goal in all of this would be. Don’t laws and options favor the female from almost all angles? It’s not like Bo’s going to be able to collect child support on the child. At least I don’t think that’s how it works.

It’s a banger though and a fascinating record, particularly as far as the continued evolution of shock rap values are concerned. Dudes used to advocate late term coat hanger abortions in their raps, now they try and trick them into keeping babies.

I’m at the hospital in the ER and there was a kid that punched a stop sign and cracked his hand. I complimented him saying how awesome that was and his mom was like NO THAT IS NOT COOL and I was like SORRY YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE YOUNG MAN

it was so fucking funny, definitely cheered me up; I love this day despite everything.