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  • What I say: I love the 'enemies to lovers' trope
  • What people think I mean: I get off on violence. I think hate sex is the best, don't think healthy and stable relationships are 'interesting' enough, and I purposefully sabotage all my relationships. I frequently ship characters with their abusers and consider dragging someone along and domestic violence 'grey areas' because if you look at context it really just means they love each other.
  • What I actually mean: I love it when two people who hate each other, whether it be seemingly clashing personalities, or actual literal enemies (always enemies who balance each other out. Not 'anti-hero/villain guy constantly harasses heroine girl', but two people who are evenly matched and can hold their own against each other and even in hatred have somewhat respect for the other) who are fighting on opposite sides of a struggle, come together on equal ground and realize that they have more in common than they previously thought. When the two finally join the same side, whether it's due to the redemption of one character or what have you, they may not get along at first, but with time and effort the two eventually find themselves friends with the other. Only *after* they have an established trust and friendship do they then start to have romantic feelings for the other. The 'enemies to lovers' trope does not work if you cannot put 'friend' between the two.

High Score Event: Beauty and the Beast

April 28 - May 5

Apparently Sora is now the beauty.

This HSE features the new tier 5 medal Sora & Beast!

Defeat enemies to increase your score! Being defeated will not allow you to continue, but your score will still be recorded.

There are three paths, each separated into the three elements.

Here’s how the scores work/are calculated.

Tap the medal in the reward screen to check its ability upgrades.

General Ranking Rewards

  • 1 - 10: Title 「スコア番人」 “Score Keeper”
  • 1 - 4 000: Sora & Beast
  • 1 - 100 000: Moon Stone
  • 1 - 7 500: Mickey & Broom Servant
  • 7 501 - 20 000: Broom Servant

Score Rewards

  • 5 000 000: 「M/L_魔法の鏡」 M/L_Magical Mirror
  • 10 000 000: Magic Mirror x1, 6* Moogle x5
  • 20 000 000: Magic Mirror x2, Cid x3
  • 25 000 000: Magic Mirror x2, 6* Chip/Dale x3
  • 30 000 000: 「M/L_べルの本」 M/L_Belle’s Book
  • 35 000 000: Magic Mirror x3, Huey & Dewey & Louie x5

Sora & Beast

  • Ability name: TBD
  • Description: [Single] +3 S STR, -1 enemy DEF for 1 turn. 11 attacks.
  • AG cost: 4
  • Guilt tier: 5

Score Bonus Medals

  • 21%: Beast HD Ver, Fury of the Underworld King, Sephiroth [EX], Lingering Will, Ventus = Vanitas, Sora & Riku Tsum Ver
  • 14%: Pooh & Friends Tsum Ver, Wardrobe, Mickey & Minnie Tsum Ver, Lumiere B, Mrs. Potts & Chip, Mickey & Friends Tsum Ver, Belle B, Cogsworth B
  • 10%: Riku KH 0.2 Ver, Ansem SP Ver, Kairi KH 0.2 Ver, Sora Art Ver [EX]
  • 7%: Chip & Dale, Vexen B