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Who invented rock ‘n roll? Meet the black pioneers at the forefront of the genre’

When Americans think of rock ‘n’ roll, most tend to associate the origins of the music genre with the “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley. However, the beginnings of rock 'n’ roll must also be attributed to the influence of black culture and music.

“The blues had an illegitimate baby and we named it rock 'n’ roll,” Little Richard, one of the originators of rock 'n’ roll as we know it, once said, according to RealClearHistory. Having started as rhythm and blues music in the 1940s before gaining a foothold and evolving in the '50s, no one person can lay claim to inventing the rock 'n’ roll phenomenon. The “we” Little Richard is alluding to refers to black rock 'n’ roll pioneers such as Little Richard himself, a young Ike Turner, Bo Diddley, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Chuck Berry.

Elvis Who?//Listen Here

a playlist honoring the creativity of Black rock & roll artists and the rebellious Black youth who kept their records spinning. Also features some Rock en Español.

1.Caldonia-Louis Jordan //2.Shake, Rattle & Roll-Big Joe Turner // 3.Bo Diddley-Bo Diddley // 4.Demolicion-Los Saicos // 5.Johnny B. Goode-Chuck Berry // 6.Tuttie Frutti-Little Richard // 7.Hound Dog-Big Mama Thornton // 8.Roll Over Beethoven-Chuck Berry // 9.La Chica Alborotada-Los Locos del Ritmo // 10.El Ultimo Beso-Los Doltons // 11.Little Red Rooster-Big Mama Thornton // 12.Blueberry Hill-Fats Domino // 13.Boogie Woogie Country Girl-Big Joe Turner // 14.La Bamba-Ritchie Valens // 15.Jambalaya-Fats Domino // 16.Long Tall Sally-Little Richard // 17.(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher-Jackie Wilson

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