bo qui

So TCW S5E16

NGL - I have mixed feelings about Obitine. On one hand - they’re such a married couple and adorable as frick and I just can’t. On the other hand - I ship Obi with pretty much everyone (Siri, Satine, Asajj, Bo-Katan, Qui-Gon, Bail, Anakin…even Obidala a little bit, IDK you name it).

And then we all know he’s an A+++++++ Jedi, always follows the code, yada yada, SO I’M SO CONFUSED AND HAVE A TON OF OBI-WAN FEELS *gross sobbing*

And can we just talk about how hot he is in Mandalorian armor??

I mean


Dude’s prefect in so many ways, and he’s a bae <3

Also - don’t come near me if you don’t ship Obikin (either in a BROTP or OTP kind of manner) I don’t care, they belong together *digs spoon in ice cream container and cries self to sleep*

/Mati out