bo peep and woody


Sorry for bastardising your beautiful art, Blizzard. Reach for the sky, kids, the sheriff’s back in town! He’s got a snake in his boot and a beautiful Bo Peep in his sights. I’d also like to do Roadhog as Hamm (and Mercy as legit Bo Peep…though Hanzo’s pretty cute). 

McCree had no chance against Han Peep’s Bo Staff.


Lane rocked her Disney side as Bo Peep from Toy Story. :D And of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete if she didn’t get to dance with Woody. :D


Woody You Be My Valentine? A Tsum Tsum Stop Motion Short

Watch the full adventure on Youtube now.


Disney; Toy Story/Westworld AU

Woody, the Sheriff in town, starts to notice things about the outsiders. Oddities. Devices he’s never seen before, sayings that make no sense. Bo Peep, Madame at the Saloon, starts having dreams. Terrible dreams. And Jessie, Woody’s niece taking care of the family farm, has hallucinations about a man named Andy. Or she thinks they’re hallucinations. 

It’s only when an outsider crash lands on the farm do things start to make sense. Buzz Lightyear, thinking he’s crash landed on a different planet, starts meeting the people of the town. Refusing to believe they are the same, it’s only when all 4 of their stories start to intermingle that Woody and Buzz realize there’s more to their world than meets the eye. They are the exact same beings, but why is it they seem to be from different eras?

Look what I bought yesterday!! Sorry that it’s a lil crinkled, I couldn’t wait to wear it last night, and even though I was kinda cold, it was so comfy. It’s too bad the others aren’t on it, but I still love it!! Thank you Primark😘
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