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Ki-bo’s #2 FTE (Kaede)

Kaede Akamatsu: (Today I’m also chatting with Ki-bo-kun, but…)

Ki-bo: …Akamatsu-san? What is the matter?

Kaede Akamatsu: N-no! It’s nothing.

Kaede Akamatsu: (Actually, I can’t concentrate on the conversation because I’ve been curious about something for quite a while.)

Kaede Akamatsu: (There’s a switch on Ki-bo-kun’s nape, but… What’s that?)

Kaede Akamatsu: (I’m curious about it… That switch… I’m dying to press it…!)


Ki-bo: Hmm? What was that noise just now?

Kaede Akamatsu: (Ki-bo-kun turned around to the noise, which it’s timing seemed to be planned.)

Kaede Akamatsu: (In other words, it means Ki-bo-kun’s vulnerable nape is exposed in front of me…)

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anonymous asked:

if possible could i have ace law and sabo reactions to sharing an indirect kiss with their crush like the crush lets them try from their food or drink for example or vice versa and they just realize it once one of them is hit ny reality aka teasing of the wb crew maybe? XD

Oh booiiii of course you can! They got a bit long, hehe sorry


  • You’ve always been the favorite of the Shirohige’s cook, so he always gives you the best looking lunches and Ace can’t stop looking at it
  • His mouth is literally watering at how nice and tasty it looks, so he just asks something like “h-hey, [Name], can I have some of it too?”
  • You just look at him and smile because fuck Ace is too cute so you say yes of course
  • He makes a victorious sound and all and is ready to take some with his own chopsticks, but oh dear you’re faster and soon enough you have your own chopsticks with a little piece of food at the very end
  • Ace beams, he opens his mouth and then closes his lips around the chopsticks tips
  • You giggle and continue eating
  • He barely has time to process everything, seeing you closing your lips around those things just as he did a few seconds ago, before he has Marco with an arm around his shoulders
  • “Woah, Ace!”, he teases, close to Ace’s ear so you can’t hear. “I know you have like a huge crush on [Name], but go easy there, man!”
  • Ace’s face is bright red by now, but he’s like “what do you mean?!!!”
  • “Sharing indirect kisses with the sweet [Name]? In front of everyone? Tsk tsk tsk, that’s not very gentlemanly~”,
  • Ace literally combust in the spot, excusing himself about wanting to go to the bathroom
  • The dork looks at his lips for ages and thinks about what happened a few moments ago


  • Cute baby Law thinks he’s very discreet about his massive crush on you, but all of his nakamas know and all of the strawhats noticed by now, except you. Jeez he’s very obvious
  • Anyway, you both are at the Thousand Sunny going to Dressrosa, okay? And as always, Law is being a grumpy man as he leans against the mast, you making him company of course, while watching the interactions of the strawhats
  • “[Name]-swaaaaaan~!”, Sanji suddenly comes making one of his tornadoes and even blowing away little chopper, you giggle and Law opens one of his closed eyes to look at the over excited Cook. “It’s lunch time, [Name]-swan~”, Sanji gives you a lunch box and another one to Law.
  • Stupid Law is slightly jealous and Sanji knows it, anyway you both are silently eating your lunch and you suddenly are like “oh wow, Law Law! Try this, is delicious!!”, he looks at the food you’re offering him and then up to you “C'mon! It’s bread free!”, he sulks but opens his mouth and you smile, giving him the food out from your chopsticks.
  • He just hums in agreement and you giggle, resuming your lunch. Suddenly Sanji, Nami, Zoro and even Luffy are latching onto Law, making you both surprised
  • “Wh-What’s going-”
  • “Shishishi, Torao! We saw what you did there~”, seriously, even Luffy noticed
  • “Torao-kun your crush is going out of control!”, Nami said and Law is turning slightly red, looking at you to see if you were listening, but you’re busy talking with Robin now. “Oi, Law. Giving indirect kisses is for children you know?”, Zoro mumbles, a smirk on his face and that’s when Law suddenly noticed what happened
  • “That’s not- Get o”
  • “Oi, [Name]!”, Luffy is suddenly right infront of you, his mouth watering. “Can I have some of it~?”, you giggle and stick your chopsticks with the food towards his mouth
  • “Sure thi-”
  • “ROOM!”
  • Luffy’s yell is heard from the kitchen and with a gasp Sanji goes running towards it.
  • Poor Law can’t take a little teasing


  • You’re watching Sabo training with Hack outside of the base
  • Sabo was winning of course, until Dragon-san kicked him away with a smooth and quick movement of his leg
  • You can’t help but giggle when the rest of the people there laughed at him, even Koala joined the fun
  • Sabo sighed and say beside you, because there wasn’t room anywhere else, of course. OF COURSE
  • So he sits beside you and he’s panting and sticking his tongue out as he cleans up a bit of sweat from his forehead with his sleeve
  • He has a cute smile, though, that makes you blush a little. However you are worried about how exhausted he looks.
  • “Hey, Sabo-kun”, he looks at you with a brighter smile. “Do you need some water?”, you lend him your water bottle and he beams
  • “Oh, [Name]! Yes, please! Thanks!”, he gulps the whole thing but you don’t mind. You do pout a little bit when Hack calls you to practice “Good luck, [Name]!”, you smile and go away
  • “Sa-bo-kun~”, Sabo flinches at the teasing tone on Koala’s voice. “What are you doing giving [Name] indirect kisses?”, she ask, punching him in the arm. “Isn’t it better if you confess already?”
  • “What are you talking ab-”, his face goes bright red as he looks down into the empty bottle and up to your running form. “Oh… God…”, Koala is laughing at him without mercy, making you look at them
  • He looks panicky and he tries to shush Koala, but when he locks eyes with you he sees a smirk growing in your lips
  • Oh shit, you planned this indirect kiss
  • Dragon-San, please kick the conscious out of Sabo? Please?
Ki-bo’s #1 FTE (Kaede)


Ki-bo: Everyone has too much prejudice against me!

Ki-bo: Indeed, I am a robot, but I’m a high school student the same as you, correct!?

Kaede Akamatsu: (What should I do? Should I invite Ki-bo-kun to hang out?)



Ki-bo: I didn’t think that robot discrimination in the world was that serious…

Kaede Akamatsu: (I spent my time encouraging Ki-bo-kun, who was depressed…)

Kaede Akamatsu: (I think Ki-bo-kun and I grew a little closer…)

Would you like to give Ki-bo a present?

Give him a present

Don’t give him a present

Ki-bo: Akamatsu-san… Thank you very much. I will gratefully accept your kindness.

Ki-bo: But if you think that you should give me something like this because I’m a robot, I will appeal to the right place.

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NDRV3 Third Trailer Summary

Sorry team, I’ve got too much going on at the moment to try to get every single word in this four minute trailer, but I will give a needlessly detailed summary!

@kaibutsushidousha, I’m leaving the nitty gritty to you tonight.

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Boys Squad!

Okay, so I got a really cute idea for the Boys Squad fic. It’s cute, so I’m writing it, damnit.

As always, characterization is probably off because today is 1/9/17, and NDRV3 releases in Japan on 1/12/17. Nonetheless, please enjoy!

“U-Um… It’s because…” Iruma sputtered, her weaker persona fronting. She twitched slightly, until a reasuring hand from Akamatsu grasped her shoulder.

“I don’t quite know what you need me for, but if you wanted to ‘borrow’ me or whatever, that’s fine.”

It seemed that was all it took for Iruma to revert to normal.

“HYAHYAHYAHYA! Then come on, we’ve got a lot of work to do, Bakamatsu!” The inventor yelled, hands now on her hips. With a forceful arm, she grabbed the pianist by the ahoge, dragging her off.

“That looks kinda gay, y’know,” Momota mutters as the two walk off. There were now just four students remaining in the dining hall - Momota, Saihara, Ki-bo, and Ouma.

“You say that a lot, Momota-kun, what does that mean?” The robot asks. He’s sitting behind him next to the wall, since his charging plug is incredibly short.

“Huh? Ki-bo doesn’t know what gay means?” Ouma snickers.

“No, I do not, and I’d like an explanation,” the robot says politely, looking up at the ruler, who had now turned around to face him.

“Here, let me show you!” the ruler giggles, standing up suddenly.

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Amami’s FTE #1 (Shuuichi)


Rantarou Amami: I’m done. Why did this happen…?

Rantarou Amami: Why were we brought here?

Shuuichi Saihara: I have no clue… This place is supposed to be a school, but I really don’t think so.

Rantarou Amami: Even if this place is a school, a bear-like robot being the headmaster is crazy talk.

Rantarou Amami: Oops, if Ki-bo-kun heard that now, he’d definitely get mad.

Shuuichi Saihara: …True.

Rantarou Amami: “SHSL Robot” is something beyond my imagination. There’s all kinds of things out there.

Rantarou Amami: If that’s the case… My talent might be something strange.

Shuuichi Saihara: …Amami-kun, you still can’t remember your talent?

Rantarou Amami: Yeah, I’m screwed.

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Amami’s FTE #1 (Kaede)

Rantarou Amami: …I’m worried about Akamatsu-san. You’re straight up…trying to save everyone.

Rantarou Amami: Shouldn’t you take a break for a while?

Kaede Akamatsu: (What should I do? Should I spend my time with Amami-kun?)



Rantarou Amami: Well then, would you like to take a break with me?

Kaede Akamatsu: (I had a relaxing time gazing at the fountain with Amami-kun…)

Kaede Akamatsu: (I think Amami-kun and I grew a little closer…)

Would you like to give Amami Rantarou a present?

Give him a present

Don’t give him a present

Rantarou Amami: Oh my, a present… I’m kinda embarrassed. Of course, I’ll gratefully accept it.

Rantarou Amami: Is there something that Akamatsu-san wants? If we get out of this school, I wanna give you a present in return.

Rantarou Amami: Akamatsu-san, if you’re okay with it, how about we have a relaxing chat while having some tea?

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