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I was thinking about what I personally think would be the Perfect Romantic Partner For Bokuto™ because … I don’t really know I just kinda did … and Hypothetical Partner Person ended up sounding exactly like Kuroo. is this my love for Bokuroo subconsciously influencing my ideas or my ideas subconsciously influencing my love for Bokuroo??

Because I too am snapback trash

Credit to Sophii, Rachel, Meg, Hannah, and Ashlee for fueling this

Annabeth flips through her history book, reviewing the sections she needs to review. AP history isn’t a joke and she has no plans on treating it as such, which means reviewing the chapters until she has them down perfectly. In the middle of the section on Calvinism she picks out the unmistakable sound of skateboard wheels clattering over sidewalk cracks. Her eyes flick up of their own accord, she has to stop herself from letting out a whimpered groan when she sees him. Biting down on the cap of her pen to keep from embarrassing herself.

It makes sense that Percy would take off his shirt in the August heat, especially since he’s just finished basketball practice, but that doesn’t make it fair. The snap back he has pulled backwards doesn’t help her situation either. Annabeth notes with pride it’s the same one she bought him last Christmas, giving herself a lopsided smile around the pen in her mouth.

Summer weekends spent at Montauk have built up his tan to a glorious bronze while summer training and the glories of puberty have honed his muscles to jaw clenching perfection. His shoulders are a bit wider, his chest having filled out enough to define his pecks, and the shadow of a six-pack is starting to appear. Her eyes drink everything in as he makes winds a lazy path towards the stairs she’s camped out on. As he gets closer she can spot the slight sheen of sweat, her hand tightening around the pen. Either he won’t take a shower and she’ll have to deal with him smelling like salt and sweat and the ocean on a hot summer day or he will take a shower and he’ll smell of Old Spice bodywash. Neither option is particularly beneficial to her hormone riddled body and she’ll be forced to spend the next several hours keeping herself from dragging her hands across his back either way.

Percy hops off and scoops up his board without breaking stride and jogs the last few paces over to her. A few wild strands of jet black hair stick out from under the cap, falling across his forehead in jagged, irregular spikes. At some point during practice or the ride over here his basketball shorts have slipped low on his waist, giving her a view of the tortuous muscle indents that run from his hips and disappear beneath the hem of his boxers. What Annabeth wouldn’t do to trace them with her fingers and find out exactly where they lead. 

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If the Big Hero 6 Characters were in the Mean Girls “Burn Book”

“I heard that the reason Hiro is so smart is because the car crash he survived when he was three did something to his brain. Not only did that make him smarter, but he won’t get taller than 5 feet due to a slight concussion he got.”

“I heard that the reason Honey Lemon is nicknamed Honey Lemon because one time she put honey on a lemon to see if the combination of sweet and sour would taste good together. She threw up directly after eating it and got honey and lemon juice in her hair.”

“I heard that Wasabi spilled wasabi on his shirt more than one time. He just says it was that one time to make himself feel better because he’s so OCD that him doing something out of that zone makes him embarrassed.”

“I heard that Gogo has a whole closet filled with nothing, but her chewed up pieces of bubble gum and she only goes in there to either add another one to her collection or whenever she’s stuck on something.”

“I heard that Fred lives under a bridge, but not always the same bridge. He usually picks a new bridge to live under every week, but he ends up going to the same bridges as before when he can.”

“I heard that Baymax is in fact a walking marshmallow and that small children have bitten him before. They were not satisfied with their care afterwards.”

“I heard that Aunt Cass stress eats because it’s the only thing she can do to avoid accidentally strangling Mochi.”

“…wait, why is Tadashi in the burn bo-OH THAT’S RIGHT.”

bokuaka college au

  1. late night study sessions because bokuto has a lot of questions re: courses akaashi has yet to take, but akaashi is quicker to get the concepts so instead of sleeping so he can get up for his early morning class, he foregoes sleep until bo understands. they end up falling asleep on each other; sometimes with bo’s head on akaashi’s lap and akaashi’s head lolled back against the couch. other times with bo on the floor, faceplanted on an open textbook and akaashi on the couch, arm hanging off the edge, their fingers still loosely laced together.
  2. owl decor all over the apartment because akaashi likes having things around that remind him of bokuto. i.e. the owl collage bokuto made him for their one year anniversary that he keeps on the wall in front of his study desk to make him smile when he’s having a rough day or the owl bobble head bo thought was the best thing ever and always reminds akaashi of bo when he’s nodding about something he’s enthusiastic about.
  3. during exam weeks or tournament season (for bokuto bc he’s on the college team), sometimes their schedules don’t line up, so they leave post-it notes all over the apartment for each other. bo wakes to “early class. breakfast in the microwave. don’t pour the bottle of hot sauce on it. love you”, akaashi coming home to “late practice later. came home to shower. missed you”. sometimes bo leaves akaashi puns like “owlways on my mind, babe!” when he knows it’s going to be a really long day for both of them and akaashi would leave one for him that says “you’re lucky I love you” but once in a while he misses bo so much that he reciprocates with something of equal value like “owlways thinking of you too”.
  4. bokuto being the most diligent cleaner of the two and gets into arguments with akaashi when buying supplies because “that won’t get the bathtub clean enough” to which akaashi replies “put some elbow grease into it, bokuto-san” “what do I get out of it?” “bubble bath. with me”. bo never complains about which kind of cleaner to get after that, but akaashi does let him pick out which bubble bath scent he likes most.
  5. akaashi bringing bokuto study snacks so he doesn’t burn out. bo one-upping him and making him bentos with owl characters out of rice balls to pay him back for the all-nighters he pulls to make sure bo understands what he’s supposed to be studying.
  6. study sessions in the library that end up with bokuto looking for an obscure book somewhere in the dusty section of the stacks and akaashi going to find him only to be roped into an impromptu makeout session where he’s like “you’re going to fail your test if you don’t finish your study questions” to which bo answers “worth it” before he pins him against the shelves and kisses him until akaashi agrees that a five or thirty minute break wouldn’t hurt.
  7. bokuto with reading glasses bc he learned one of the reasons he wasn’t getting a lot of things is bc he would get frustrated at having to squint at his textbooks and akaashi forgetting what they were doing at the library bc bo with glasses. 
  8. akaashi being so distracted by bokuto wearing glasses while studying in the apartment and quietly huffing to himself bc he needs to concentrate. “what’s wrong, akaashi?” “nothing go back to your glasses –  studying, I meant studying” “you like the glasses huh?” to which akaashi flushes and begrudgingly admits “….maybe”. and then no one gets any studying done.
  9. bokuto getting into one of his moods bc he failed an exam and akaashi going to every single one of bo’s favorite places trying to find him. he ends up at the library in the dusty corner of the stacks bc bo actually likes the undisturbed quiet there and he sits with him, bo’s head on his lap and akaashi stroking his hair, until bo is okay enough to go home.
  10. studying at the library when it’s full, both of them with one hand underneath the table and someone initiates contact and soon enough, bokuto is drawing shapes on akaashi’s palm, fingertips lightly touching, while they both try to play it off like nothing is out of the ordinary to everyone else walking by.
This is true love.

Just a little reminder first :

“I think you know immediately. As soon as your eyes… Then everything that happens from then on just proves that you have been right in that first moment. When you suddenly realize that you were incomplete and now you are whole…”

Now, let’s begin..

too much? ok ok..

“Just come back safe.”

Because since the first second they met, Lauren has ALWAYS been at Bo’s side. Everything she has done was to help her, protect her. Nobody’s perfect. But Lauren has always cared for Bo.

“Just come back. I love you.”

Because Lauren has seen the true Bo, her human soul, her strength, her heart. Lauren knows Bo, she knows how brave she is. And Bo can see that in her eyes. She sees her soul reflected in Lauren’s eyes. And thanks to Kenzi and Lauren, Bo has always been “protected” from the darkness within herself. And Lauren’s love for her has always brought her back from this darkness.

Love is what keeps her safe from the appeal of power. Love of her friends, her family.. Love of Lauren.
And the darkness inside of Bo knows that, when it tries to take control, it knows that Lauren is in the way of its freedom. And I don’t talk about the succubus. I talk about the Pirrypus who tries to use Bo, to infuse anger, crave of strength, of power to her.

“You’re not a monster.- I know you.”

Bo is always afraid to be a monster. Afraid to not be able to take control. She ran from her past, she doesn’t want to kill anymore because of her powers. She’d prefer to die instead of taking a life. But Lauren has shown her another way. She gave her hope, she has teached her how to be herself without being afraid of who she was. Because Bo is not a monster. Since the first time they met, Lauren has told to Bo that she wasn’t a monster, that she was perfect.


When she loses hope, Bo finds strength and support and love from Lauren.
Lauren is always here for Bo. And she knows that. She feels safe. Lauren is her harbor. (Eleanor, nope, go away)

“See you soon.”

Because Bo knows that she has something to fight for, someone to come back for. And it’s Lauren.

“You have to come back.” - “You’re gone. There’s nothing to come back for.”

And Lauren was and will always be here, waiting for Bo. Lauren knows that Bo has a great destiny to fulfill, she understood that, because she knows Bo, maybe better than herself. She sees the leader that Bo is and is becoming. She sees the “Queen”. And she’s here to support her, to give her confidence and tools to achieve her missions. She truly believes in Bo. With all her heart. Since the beginning.

Lauren tells Bo she has always believed in her, since the first time they met. ALWAYS.
And Bo tells Lauren she has always knew that she has extraordinary, amazing. She has ALWAYS knew that Lauren was so much more than she lets see.
It’s a declaration of love, of trust, of respect.
Since the first time they met! It’s just a confirmation at the end.
And at this moment, we all thought “we have ALWAYS knew this, since the first time you met!”

And yet, Bo is so afraid to lose Lauren. Because she means a lot. She means.. You know what Lauren means to Bo, c'mon. Don’t make me write it. I can’t.

It’s just.. I can’t .. this post.. too much feels


She didn’t want to leave Lauren behind. And Lauren reminded her about her mission, told her to go save Trick and kick the Garuda burning ass.

you can see the tears in Bo’s eyes, like if her heart was crying. Stop that. I don’t have enough coffee in my blood.

Well, if you can’t see the love. The evidence of this. Of them. I don’t know what to do.. to say. Of course, you have the freedom to remain blind u_u" xD

But… Let’s be honest :

I own nothing except the words in this post, and the crazy thoughts.

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