bo believes in you

why you should watch heroes and halfwits
  • ryan “albus cumberbatch” haywood never shutting the fuck up, to the delight of the audience and to the dismay of every other person in the party
  • samples
  • geoff not remembering what to add to his dice rolls despite having played this game for many, many years
  • hilarious meta game arguments
  • lots and lots of samples
  • that one time they spent almost an entire episode shopping for clothes
  • geoff “bo jingles” ramsey trying to play a merlin and sing (spoiler alert: he isnt very good at it)
  • frank’s spectacular npc names
  • bor ealis’ vague racism and height
  • “does it speak deep?”
  • bo jingles trying to get with orma/griffon and orma rejecting him
  • albus’ ferret that’s totally been there The Entire Time
  • frank trying so desperately to keep one of them alive but the dice just aren’t having it
  • ryan just rolling dice for no particular reason until he gets a good roll
  • the lighting makes them all look really good
  • that one time they spent forever planning how to fight a bunch of weak enemies and then didn’t follow the plan
  • father dory and sanji
  • orma not being able to hold a drink and all her other personalities
  • did i mention meta game arguments? because let me tell u…
  • The Cave
  • will they ever see daylight again???
  • mogar jerking off in the corner and orma never letting him forget it
  • orma’s amnesia
  • “i tell you you’re stupid and you believe it”
  • bo jingles telling everyone he’s a world famous bard and the party Not Having It
  • ryan’s Blatant and Supreme Bullshit that somehow works

basically just all of it

anyways heres a link to the entire playlist

Bodhiweek day 6: Family

Title: Forgetting

His mother had brown hair, and kind brown eyes. She went to the Temple every Friday, wore her belief around her body like woven silken and colorful hijabs. She breathed love and compassion, wrapped them up in safety and protection. She was fierce, kind and passionate, and instilled that within him and his sister.

His mother was everything. And he couldn’t remember her name.

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You argue and you bicker and you fight,
Atheists and Catholics,
Jews and Hindus argue day and night
Over what they think is true.
But no one entertains the thought that maybe God does not believe in you.
—  Bo Burnham, ’From God’s Perspective’

Another batch of doodles owo\
Top to down, left to right:

- Guilmon. He’s my fave <3
- Some people used to give Chespin and evos smack (maybe still do) but I love this Pokemon she was my starter and she’s wonderful~
- Joel and Aiden. When life is hard but you’re doing okay but it ain’t foolin’ no-one.
- Random Dorca ;D
- A teenage Dylan in a ‘slice of life high school’ 'verse. He’s less muscular than he would be in the comic because he doesn’t need to fend for himself.
- Maskur doing some BOINGS
- @sirinathevulpem‘s little Digimon babu
- Teddie believes in you! YOU CAN DO THE THING
- Ravi and Fineas had a mask swap ;D
- A skinny alien babu because poor child QuQ/

Enjoy, peeps!

Digimon © Toei Animation
Pokemon © Nintendo
Baby Digi (iforgethisnameahaha) © @sirinathevulpem
Teddie/Persona 4 © Atlus
Ravi © @yuunic
Spencer © @20bluepancakes
Joel,Aiden,Dylan, Dorca, Maskur, Fineas © Me

You argue and you bicker and you fight; Atheists and Catholics, Jews and Hindus argue day and night; over what they think is true; but no one entertains the thought that maybe God does not believe in you.
—  Bo Burnham - God’s Perspective