bo and the morrigan

Have you ever wondered why you have so many gay and bisexual characters on your dash and then realize it’s because Canada knows how to make good shows with gay/bisexual characters where their sexuality isn’t their defining trait or a central point in the show (Lost Girl, Rookie Blue, Orphan Black, Bomb Girls) while it seems that the U.S. just loves to make shows that create subtext between two women (Xena: Warrior Princess, Rizzoli & Isles, Warehouse 13, Once Upon A Time)? Cause even though I already knew this, putting it into words made me wonder why American producers aren’t taking notes from Canadian producers.
Lauren sexually manipulated the Morrigan.
Get the fuck outta here. isn’t that what Bo does in pretty much every episode…
—  She did the same thing to the Morrigan and then took a picture and left her hancuffed to the bed.
Hopes for Lost Girl season 5 (in no order)

1. They learn how to turn the lights on

2. We meet Bo’s father. Not just his hand.

3. Tamsin and Lauren have multiple scenes together

4. Bo and Lauren start a conversation about their relationship and everything that has happened and actually FINISH it.

5. Vex becomes a main character

6. They don’t just drop Evony’s storyline and forget about her just because she’s human

7. Lauren, Tamsin, and Dyson find happiness with someone, whether it’s with Bo or not. I just know that they don’t deserve to be strung along like this for years to come

8. Trick stops annoying me

9. We see Lauren’s new apartment. I would like it to not take 4 years like Kenzi’s room did

10. The wolfpants (Dyson & Lauren) bromance continues

11. Aife shows up and stirs up shit

I would have put Kenzi coming back, but I think it’s a sure thing that she will be back.

ok guys, check this out...

rachel skarsten is                  5'10"

emmanuelle vaugier is          5'7"

zoie palmer is                        5'6"

anna silk is                             5'5"

ksenia solo is                         5'4"

this just messes my head up so much..