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Okay??? Kind of long rant coming on about soc because while I was in the shower I was hit with how amazing???? Kuwei is????? Like, y'all sleep on him too much this boy is

  • East Asian
  • LGBT
  • East Asian and LGBT??? boi do you know how fucking rare it is to have POC lgbt rep, much less ASIAN lgbt rep, because mmmmmm boiii
  • He also spends the entire series without his father and any other parental character, which is VERY IMPORTANT, because so many east asian stories in literature center around the main character and their parents, which plays into many sterotypes (the tiger mom, the strict asian parent stereotype in general)
  • He’s also not stereotypically masculine, he’s often scared and anxious and not very leader like. WHICH IS OKAY!! because hyper-masculinity is so toxic in asian cultures
  • He doesnt play into the kung fu master role, which SO MANY ASIANS ARE FORCED INTO, and he’s just so undeniably human
  • did i mention he’s east asian AND gay, because i love it, he’s so out about his crush on jesper and doesnt hide it, he’s cheeky and flirty and doesnt think it’s weird for boys to like boys, 
  • God i’m just, so happy about Kuwei because he’s so important to east asians and east asian lgbt representation, and hopefully there will be more characters like him in ya

“He inclined his head at my dress. “What’s the occasion?" 

"Homecoming,” I said, twirling. “Like?”

“Last I heard, Homecoming requires a date.”

“About that,” i hedged. “I’m sort of…going with Scott. We both figure a high-school dance is the last place Hank will be patrolling.”

Patch smiled, but it was tight. “I take that back. If Hank wants to shoot Scott, he has my blessing.” 

― Becca Fitzpatrick, Silence

i believe that you and i belong [larry shot] tłumaczenie

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Pairing: Louis/Harry


- Jasne, Zielone Oczy – Louis wyrzucił z siebie, nie myśląc. – O kurwa, przepraszam, miałem na myśli, um, Harry, przepraszam, kurwa.

Harry wydawał się jednak niewzruszony.

- W takim wypadku, Niebieskie Oczy, wrócę za chwilę.


Liam postanawia wynająć ich mieszkanie na Airbnb i Louis uważa, ze to absolutnie gówniany pomysł. Do czasu, kiedy nie jest.

Od tłumaczki: To moje pierwsze tłumaczenie i jednocześnie pierwszy tekst, który tu publikuję (nie, nie liczą się te sprzed ponad roku, zablokowane, którym nikt nie poświęcił uwagi, myślę, ze to nawet dobrze ha!). Przepraszam jeśli znajdą się tu jakieś błędy, nie mam bety ;) 

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- ¿Religión?
- Religión ninguna… Culto.
- ¿Perteneces a un culto? - me sorprendí, pese a que debería haber disimulado.
- Resulta que necesito a una chica sana para un sacrificio. Al principio había pensado en seducirla para ganarme su confianza, pero si ya estás lista…
Lo poco que quedaba de una sonrisa desapareció de mi rostro.
- No me estás seduciendo.
- todavía no he empezado.
—  Nora y Patch en el Salón de Bo. (Hush Hush)

ABC Soaps Most Unforgettable Love Stories

Does anyone else remember this?  I vividly recall watching this during the summer of 1998.  I was relatively new to soaps and so in love.  This is Part 1 of 7!

OLTL - Performers of the Day for 5/7/13

Todays Performer of the Day is going to go to not one but two people. This ladies & gentlemen is a super couple above all other super couples. A couple who when you hear the word Red, makes millions smile. This couple, this legendary couple is none other than Bo & Nora, Robert S Woods & Hillary B Smith who were both featured in todays episode. Lets take a look at their amazing work from today!

These two are what chemistry is all about. These two kissing is just the start of the chemistry they bring to our screens all around the world. These two can heat up any screen just by talking, which they are sitting down doing the next time we see them, as they toast their wine

Even in this simple scene these two make all OLTL fans smile, but in the next one, where Bo compliments Nora & says he knows she would be good at anything, we can see why these two are one of our favorite couples of all time

This is of course when Bo & Nora are talking about her being a former DJ, & in this next scene we will see them practicing what it would have been like to be a caller on one of Nora’s shows

This leads them to smiling, laughing & learning new things about each other, including Bo would like handcuffs in their play, which leads to them openly & honestly cracking up laughing

These two people are just genuine human beings who play such an amazingly loving couple on screen. So loving in fact that they show each other how much they love each other as they make love

These pictures are just moments in time, moments which Hillary & Robert have brought into our lives. Where would OLTL be without Bo & Nora? I don’t know & I pray we never find out!


So, I should not have watched this episode today. I have been crying off and on for an hour. I don’t cry over shows that easily. I didn’t even cry as a kid when Bambi’s mother died. There was a purpose to that. Even as a kid I got the whole “circle of life” crap. 

This? What is the point? Why did Matthew have to die? Why did he have to say that he didn’t get a chance at redemption because he’d screwed up SO bad? Excuse me? And then we got nonstop “Ford is awesome” for the hour. Ugh. And Jess choked up over Brody and went to see him and Shane went to see him and that was all so beautiful and poignant but over all of that was how they’d moved on from him. Jess is now totally with “Awesome Bobby” and Nat could barely contain her joy that Liam is John’s and not Brody’s while she continues to basically beg John to USE HIS WORDS LIKE A BIG BOY. I’m fine with Jolie. I have nothing against them, but it feels like Brat is barely cold and in the ground and we’re back to the dynamic that killed Jolie in the first friggin’ place. Meanwhile, Ford is “awesome” and Rex continues to suck even from a distance and I’m so fucking pissed that Ford, Nate and Rex still breathe while Matthew Buchanan goes belly up. Ford and Jess apparently being endgame right as they finally salvage her character is insulting as hell. Ugh. And we got a Rachel mention, but of course we’ll never see her again, either. 

Yes, I’m ranting, but this episode would not have killed me so much if not for the notice that PP is DOA and the insult that ridiculous and unnecessary characters are cluttering up my screen while the characters and relationships that matter to the history of the show are completely left to wither and die.

OLTL - Performer of the Week for Chapter 2

This weeks Performer of the Week goes to two people yet again. But this time its not a father daughter winning duo. This time it is the legendary soap couple of Bo & Nora

Robert S Woods


Hillary B Smith

These two amazing people are this weeks Performers of the Week. I hope next week they are in as amazing scenes as they were this week!