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This was a combination of wanting to draw Bokuto, wanting to draw Bokuto sibling bonding, and Bokuto Fam shenanigans. All of it self-indulgent and I’m not even sorry for it. I love Kyomi so much. I’m pretty sure she would ADORE Hinata also. Who wouldn’t, he’s adorable and fluffy.

lots of content in one day for my ‘If Bo had a lil Bro’. The Bo sibling roughhousing is honestly my favorite one. They would be competitive lolol Inoue looks done, Kojima isn’t helping and Akaashi just shrugs it off. It’s not like he’s not used to rowdiness. That’s everyday life.

NDRV3 X SU Crossover notes

Steven: Kiibo. Small, innocent, and blissfully unaware. He’s trying his best to learn about the situation and be a part of the group. He can’t keep up with the others all of the time, but no one is going to stop him trying. One day, he’ll have learnt all there is to know about both gems and humans. But he’s catching up faster than you might realise. There’s true potential for greatness here, but it’s going to take a while for him to harness it.

A pure ray of sunshine that did nothing to deserve being caught up in the horrors of war. Please protect him.

“I will fight to be everything- that everybody wants me to be when I’m grown!”

Garnet: A fusion made up of Kaito and Maki. Their contrasting personalities don’t stop them from being the closest two of the group. Kaito is hot headed and rash, with a bigger tendency towards violence. Maki is colder, and more collected, but that doesn’t stop her from feeling every emotion. Both have committed illegal acts in the past, and are more dangerous than is perhaps healthy.

Despite this, the two are also compassionate and loving. Kaito is used to looking out for Saihara, and Maki is an expert at caring for children. They have the knowledge, commitment and passion to be great guardians for Kiibo, and teach him about the world. Besides, their combined strength is enough to make anyone shudder in fear. Don’t threaten their little robo, you’ll never see the light of day again.

“I will fight for the place where I’m free, to live together, and exist as me!”

Amethyst: Ouma. The most fun loving out of the three, but can take things too far all too easily. This goes for both his pranks and his mean streak. Such as when Amethyst turns into Rose in front of Greg. His smaller size is due to him staying in the ground too long, and it affects his physical strength too.

He loves to play with Kiibo and entertain him. Showing Kiibo all the cool things both inside his room and out is one of his favourite things. But teasing him is high up on that list too. However, he’s accidentally taught Kiibo a lot of bad habits over the years. Somehow, a whip seems a fitting weapon for him. But hey, worst gems stick together!

“I will fight for the world that I was made in I own, the Earth is everything I’ve ever known!”

Pearl: Saihara. Longs to be with the girl he fell in love with again. Doesn’t even have to be in a romantic way. He just wants to be by her side. But due to her untimely passing, it won’t happen any time soon.

But have you ever seen Saihara do anything on his own? He’s very dependent on those around him. To guide him, to give him confidence, to tell him what to do. Even with his own ideas and plans, he needs the confidence and conformation of others to see it through. Besides, have you seen his body? He’s stick thin enough to be a Pearl, no question. He’s got a whole host of insecurities, to boot. But he’s the one who looks out for Kiibo’s physical well being the most, keeping him out of dangerous places.  

Remember the scene where Pearl and Garnet are about to get crushed in that Star Wars-esque scene? They have to talk out their differences so that they’re able to form Sardonyx and escape. Apply that to Saihara and Kaito/Maki. Mmmmhm.

“I will fight in the name of Rose Quartz Kaede, and everything that she believed in!”

I had this on my mind today for my OC Monday, and because I need more for my ‘If Bo had a lil bro’~ It’s so simple, but that’s what I wanted. Simple but cute! Shouji is precious. Praise from his big bro is so important!; compliments from non-family usually make him flustered.

HE’S SO PROUD. No one can ever tell me Bo wouldn’t make the best big brother in the world! Can’t take this headcanon from me.



Doodles from tonight. There would have been more but by the time I got done inking I ran out of steam. Referenced from these glorious posts here >>   and my personal fav, the Soup Discourse here >>   So more for my ‘If Bo had a lil bro’ I wish I had the energy to draw more tonight but I am very tired and ready to rest for the night. Tomorrow is another day~ 


Listed in order from left to right:

Prince Peasley x Luigi | Daisy x Pauline

Jasmine x Larry | Roy and Mitchel should be dating

Iggy x Isabelle | Ludwig x Skilar

Dinen x Lemmy | (FNaF) Bo x Pearl 

Esmarelda x Pandora | Preston x Hope

Rosalina x Bowser | Elliot | Mnston II

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"So you love me, Bruce? Really? Name five of my albums."-Tim Drake, at some point, probably

Tim Drake’s Greatest Hits

“Cropped T-shirts were Cool at some Point, I Swear”

“The Only Loves in My Life are Coffee and Spite”

“Villains can suck my (Bo) Staff”

“Bros 4 Lyfe: A Superboy/Robin/Kid Flash remix” (followed up by the smash hit “Kick-Ass Ladies who can Kick my Ass” featuring Cassie, Cissie, Cassandra, Raven, Anita, Barbara, Stephanie and more)

“Maybe if I Stand Real Still, I’ll Look Taller Than I Am”

(because Bruce is a not so secret Troll and Tim is offended for days after he stopped laughing)

Bo and Bro (a poem)

Bo and Bro

To myself
I call them Stan and Laurel
as I watch them outside
the house across the street
where they are spending a Saturday afternoon
working on a car and arguing
in their greasy jeans and faded
T-shirts, cigarettes puckered
to their lips like coffin nails,
beer cans set on the roof
of the Chevy they are trying
to resurrect, but they
argue on and on
and tho I’m too far away
to hear much, only the
occasional word that can
rise above the sounds
of the TV in the living room
behind me, I note the
calloused fists they wave
at each other when the flame
of their discussion peaks
and they drop the silvery tools
to the ground like sparks
and as I’m ready to turn back
to the life in the room behind me
because I don’t want to witness
their fight, imagine my surprise
to see their faces break into smiles
as wild and plastic as engines
and right on cue they
hug like brothers with arms
as critical as vises.

just another day of malaysians ruining every language they speak for the purpose of punning.

eta: oh good there’s more

I drew Bo fam for Mother’s Day Appreciation lol Kiyomi is their rock. Especially for Tatsuya. She’s so very very proud of her boys, she’d give them anything and everything. And she’s super super important to them. You done good, momma~

Ugh, I love them. I love my headcanons for them..even thou some are a little sad*cough* Tatsu’s side of the family aren’t nice people, but Kiyomi’s got extra extra EXTRA love and she keeps her babies safe. Anyway, I am probably done drawing for a bit..maybe the rest of the day. Sundays are always bleh and I’m low on energy lol

(Fox: Bro and Bo hanging out being buds, Bo really likes pup, but don’t tell Bro that. He’s too much of an introvert, and doesn’t know how to show people he likes them easily, but he does try!~ Also, he’s not a fan of hugs, it feels awkward and he gets self conscious the whole time, that’s why he drank all that coffee yesterday! It’s draining to force yourself to be near people, like a life meter going down the more he interacts!~ Bro is from @ask-mischievousbendy)

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Oh you know there was AT LEAST one drunken bokuroteru hookup. Bo and Kuroo weren't even awkward about it the next morning because they're such awesome bros that their friendship is unshakeable. And Terushima wasn't awkward bc he is smooth AF about all things except when he stops lying to himself about the fact that he'd love to be more than friends with benefits with Bo.



  • they know each other from high school but never stayed in touch really
  • but they all go to the same uni in Tokyo or smthn
  • and they go to the campus gym and they have similar schedules (for working out)
  • so they end up meeting again bc they go on the same days
  • (you know, those regulars)
  • anyway they all go early in the morning so for the first few weeks they don’t notice.
  • I mean, bo and kuroo know. they’re bros (they’re dating). they actually spot for each other and all that jazz
  • (IDK i dont go to the gym I barely know basics)
  • Bo tends to do free weights and the such (you know he does with those arms I mean hot damn am I right)
  • which is where he meets his destined rival iwaizumi
  • so anyway they kinda single each other out and try to out lift one another (SAFELY THEY DON’T GO TOO CRAZY THEY KNOW WHEN TO STOP. LIFT SAFELY GUYS EVEN I KNOW YOU CAN’T JUST PUSH TOO MUCH)
  • But YEAH ok so bo and iwa are like RIVALS
  • Bo tells Kuroo all about it all “Babe! there’s this really hot guy I see all the time with the free weights and HOLY SHIT I THINK HIS ARMS ARE BIGGER THAN MINE”
  • and Kuroo is all “holy shit I gotta see this guy”
  • bc let’s be real kuroo is all about them arms
  • anyway
  • Kuroo walks in one day (LEG DAY) and sees Daichi DOING SQUATS
  • his first thought is “damn that booty”
  • then he realizes it’s one Sawamura Daichi.
  • and decides to have some fun.
  • he tries to go over and hit on him (idk something corny what’s a good pick up line involving buns)
  • probably something like “damn those are some hot crossed buns”
  • and dai turns around with a knowing look (he knows that voice dammit kuroo)
  • HE’S SMILING A LITTLE AND BLUSHING A BIT (u kno he tries to say it’s bc of the work out but he’s def blushing. daichi is such a blusher.)
  • Kuroo tells Bo afterwards like “you’ll never guess who I ran into”
  • Bo is really excited bc he had like MAJOR respect for daichi in hs during the training camp (he also had a major crush lbr)
  • anyway back to Bo and Iwa.
  • Eventually they talk
  • “dude what the heck how r u so strong?” “ur arms tho!” “got any tips?”
  • and Bo
  • (ofc Bo comes up with the idea)
  • Bo gets excited bc he HAS TO KNOW which one of them is stronger
  • and says “let’s arm wrestle”
  • they do. it’s a tie
  • they exchange numbers
  • Bo and Iwa start to hang out
  • Kuroo and Dai start to hang out
  • then one day bo and kuroo get the idea of
  • “let’s introduce these two”
  • (they don’t know about the hs rivalry)
  • so Dai and Iwa meet finally.
  • and, well it actually goes pretty well.
  • they all start to hang out and like awkwardly all start crushing on each other.
  • Iwa and Dai start dating and they all go on double dates a lot
  • Bo and Kuroo know they both want to date Iwa and Dai.
  • Dai and Iwa have talked about the poly thing and they want to go for it with Bo and Kuroo.
  • *insert awkwardness and angst here*
  • and anyway. bokuto regularly challenges Dai and Iwa to arm wrestling matches.
  • Iwa is undefeated.
  • Bo and Dai are tied.
  • Kuroo stays out of it bc while he is fit he’s still the smallest (muscle wise) of the four.
  • Iwa is the only one who can actually cook more than one thing
  • Tho Kuroo is great at baking
  • They get a dog
  • sometimes they go on runs together but it normally ends in Bokuto challenging Kuroo to a race.
  • 90% of the time Daichi gets pulled in.
  • Iwa is the judge.
  • theyre all happy and cuddly and good together.
  • just
  • iwadaibokuro

I didn’t draw yesterday so I missed my OC Monday. So OC Tuesday lol The kid on the right I drew ONCE in ONE small panel for a thing, and recently I became quite attached lol I have been calling him Kotetsu and it stuck right away.

Shouji doesn’t make friends as easily as his brother. He should have a few outside his own team~ Dunno what exactly they are talking about. But my bby is smiling and that’s all that matters. 

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"*Knocks on the door, waiting for an answer. He decided to visit Bro and get to know him a bit more. It would be good to try to socialize with another toon wolf, and it'll be better for the little demons if the wolves were able to get along. His tail swishes in nervousness, hoping that his lack of social skills will not ruin this. Taking a deep breath, eye flashing purple* Hey, Bro? It's Bo....*scratches the back off his head, looking away from the door* Or you can call me Boris if you'll like?"

The door opens. It’s Mischief’s little brother, Grief, at the door. Grief is unfamiliar with Bo, and as such, he hides. Leaving the door wide open for Bo to enter.

Bro comes a bit later, carrying Grief in his arms.

“Huh..? Who’s–” Bro is surprised to see another toon wolf. He assumes this must be the other Boris that Mischief talks about so much. “You’re Bo? Hello..U-uh please..come in. Would you like anything to drink? Some coffee..t-tea?”

Bro wasn’t acting like himself. He seemed more nervous, sad, like something was bothering him.