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just some warm-up doodles with an older Shouji. While I headcanon him growing up to be as tall as his brother, I picture him on the leaner side. Still with a roundish ‘baby-face’. Still would hate being called ‘cute’ or ‘fluffy’ lol I also wanted to see what he’d look like with sports glasses, and I think he’s cute with them lol Anyway, gonna work on my last prompt now before starting on anything else.

just another day of malaysians ruining every language they speak for the purpose of punning.

eta: oh good there’s more

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18 for Bokuto Mum??

The final prompt! Cheering!! And boy howdy does this lady know how to cheer on her sons. At the risk of getting kicked out of the gymnasium lolol Kiyomi is a VERY involved mom and is so supportive in whatever her family is interested in. If she is able to make their game, practice match or otherwise, you bet your ass she’s in the seats showing her support. 

Papa Owl Tatsuya is supportive, too but he’s more quiet about it. Not that he can’t make noise himself. Honestly, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the moment lol 

These were fun! I was gonna say that I could do more, but I’ll find some other prompt list to do. This is really good practice for me for developing my ocs~


Blosooms bros are all in tears to day
Awwww he really happy for his baby bros oppaaa you really have sweet heart ottokee


Doodles from tonight. There would have been more but by the time I got done inking I ran out of steam. Referenced from these glorious posts here >>   and my personal fav, the Soup Discourse here >>   So more for my ‘If Bo had a lil bro’ I wish I had the energy to draw more tonight but I am very tired and ready to rest for the night. Tomorrow is another day~ 

Movie nights usually consist of Kiyomi’s boys crashed on the couch around her fifteen minutes after said movie started. It’s a bit cramped, but she doesn’t mind in the slightest. This was a very close family and she couldn’t have wished for a better one. Thou, low-key, she kind of still wanted a daughter to balance things out just a little bit. Not to say that living in a house with the boys wasn’t always an adventure~

More under the cut cause this is going to get lengthy! I’ll try not to make it too long. There will surely be other opportunities to add more later. Okay, a few Bokuto Family factoids, here goes~

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“If I Were You” w/Jake and Amir and special guest Bo Burnham - Bro Job

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I just love your "if bo had a little bro" art and hc's! So good and so precious, it all fits in so well ♡

Thank you, you precious Anon! I’m glad there are people that like/love/don’t mind my self-indulgent Bo fam art and headcanons. Have a little thing I drew this morning because I love hearing people like this stuff and because I find it funny.

So how many mind-fucks do you think Konoha can handle in any given sitting before he can’t take it anymore and goes to vent somewhere? Shouji would probably piss him off, too. Is Shou a low-key instigator? I think at least with people he knows and are comfortable with. He’s pretty shy and awkward around new people and surroundings. But I think even he has the potential to be a little shit given the opportunity. 

I couldn’t make up my mind, so I did OC stuff again, I’ve had this on my mind for a while anyway. And it was an excuse to draw my pretty setter again, I want to get used to drawing him because I love drawing his hair. Inoue has mastered ‘The Look’ and at such a young age. His face is terrifying, thou, they’re all afraid of him. Even Shouji gets spooked and he’s their vice captain lol I also tried out this app called CamScanner and it’s pretty decent.

So this counts for my Sketchbook Monday~ I don’t think I’ll get anything else done rn, it’s late. So have this, I’m glad people like this stuff😘

I like how Kuroo and Bokuto are the kind of friends to act jokingly way more gay in public with each other than their significant others. And also are definitely the kind of friends to say “full homo” instead of no homo. 

Real bros… like imagine after their match just bokuto being like “holy shit you received those balls so good” and kuroo just “ohoho” and bokuto being like “full homo brohoho” 

and they’d also be like “(kuroo) bro i realized a true nickname” “(bokuto) what?” “(Ku) BROkuto” “(Bo) BRO that means you’d be KuBROo” “(Ku) oh shit man we’re so brilliant” “(Bo) we should get paid to name babies” “(kenma) you’re both idiots” “(akaashi) never have kids please”

I finally was able to color my part of a collab with @alienconspiracy21 !  I imagine that not only does Shouji sometimes gets bored in class, he actually reads ahead in his textbooks a lot..and sometimes gets in trouble for it, but he gets RESTLESS. Like, winter is TERRIBLE. Having to wait until tournament season comes around so he can do more training. Honesly, he gets restless in general at school. I don’t think he’d necessarily be A.D.D., but it takes a little more to engage him. He’s very smart so when he’s not playing the sport he loves, he’s reading something lol

Anyway! This was fun~ Thanks for wanting to do a collab with me! You drew Shouji really cute^^

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Can you do Shoji doing number 10 (I'm making sad art so I need to see sad art ;-;)

“Did I do something wrong? Did we not work together well enough as a team all of junior high?? You just..cut us off and moved away. Is your hatred really that deep? We were family, Satoshi. Instead of talking to us you just..vanished.

“I think I know. I’m almost sure. It was me, wasn’t it? You had to know that I never asked to be the ace player, I didn’t care about that. I just wanted to play, and I did so to the best of my ability. You didn’t voice your opinion about it so, I just assumed you were fine with it. But…I guess you weren’t. I know how much you prided yourself as a wing spiker, we had that in common.

“I would have stepped aside if it was really that important to you. I would have then, but..not now. If you really see me as your rival now, then, I’m sorry that I can’t stand aside.

“You want a battle? Then that’s just what’s going to happen. Any court we both step upon will be our battlefield, and I won’t concede to you…”

This one is important to me and I wanted to do something like this for a long time. I got a bit carried away, I wasn’t planning on it being this detailed. I didn’t want to do anything super sad, though I could have tbh lol But I really like the idea of this rivalry these two have. Whether or not they will eventually resolve their issues with each other I don’t know. But it will be great for character development~ ANYWAY lolol

Two more prompts to do. I may draw some more later on, but right now cramps are trying to kill me and I am eternally grateful for my heat pad pressed against me atm lol In the meantime, I hope you like this angst I’ve created.

I’ve been quiet all day, but I’ve had a long work day, but here’s some more of my silly headcanons no one asked for.

Toying with the idea that Kiyomi and Tatsuya went to rival high schools and that’s how they met. I am amused by the idea of her ‘accidentally’ hit him in the head with a volleyball.