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‘If Bo had a lil bro’ headcanon: Bokuto is very enthusiastic about Christmas. The whole holiday is just a lot of fun, it’s not even about presents for him. It’s also his fav holiday because it’s his baby bro’s birthday. Shouji gets really embarrassed about it because everyone makes a huge deal out of it.

November 1st, there are decorations already up lol

I loved this little headcanon of mine enough to draw it, I found it very cute and endearing. I had the comic idea in my head and I really do miss making comics.


Shouji, you make the cutest birthday christmas tree. Just be glad no one is wrapping christmas lights around you.


i commissioned @hellobeau for these tiny tiny beans and i thought some other people might enjoy them!! you should totally go commission them if they’re still open!

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This was a combination of wanting to draw Bokuto, wanting to draw Bokuto sibling bonding, and Bokuto Fam shenanigans. All of it self-indulgent and I’m not even sorry for it. I love Kyomi so much. I’m pretty sure she would ADORE Hinata also. Who wouldn’t, he’s adorable and fluffy.

lots of content in one day for my ‘If Bo had a lil Bro’. The Bo sibling roughhousing is honestly my favorite one. They would be competitive lolol Inoue looks done, Kojima isn’t helping and Akaashi just shrugs it off. It’s not like he’s not used to rowdiness. That’s everyday life.


Doodles from tonight. There would have been more but by the time I got done inking I ran out of steam. Referenced from these glorious posts here >>   and my personal fav, the Soup Discourse here >>   So more for my ‘If Bo had a lil bro’ I wish I had the energy to draw more tonight but I am very tired and ready to rest for the night. Tomorrow is another day~ 

hey yall i wrote a tree bros soulmate au fic & id be super super happy if you could give it a read!! basically its the au where the first thing your soulmate says to you is tattooed on your forearm and its a bunch of anxious evan and angsty connor lol

thank you so much!!

Boku bros~ Didn’t think I’d draw tonight, but I did so I used it as an excuse for more ‘If Bo had a lil bro’ content. And also because there will never be enough Buff Bokuto content to satisfy any of us lol

Nothing too extravagant, just wanted to draw them~ He’s always cheering Shouji on. Best big brother and senpai:D

just another day of malaysians ruining every language they speak for the purpose of punning.

eta: oh good there’s more

docloudscomeinpurple  asked:

"So you love me, Bruce? Really? Name five of my albums."-Tim Drake, at some point, probably

Tim Drake’s Greatest Hits

“Cropped T-shirts were Cool at some Point, I Swear”

“The Only Loves in My Life are Coffee and Spite”

“Villains can suck my (Bo) Staff”

“Bros 4 Lyfe: A Superboy/Robin/Kid Flash remix” (followed up by the smash hit “Kick-Ass Ladies who can Kick my Ass” featuring Cassie, Cissie, Cassandra, Raven, Anita, Barbara, Stephanie and more)

“Maybe if I Stand Real Still, I’ll Look Taller Than I Am”

(because Bruce is a not so secret Troll and Tim is offended for days after he stopped laughing)