*:・゚✧ RELAX ✧・゚*:

For when you had a long day or maybe week, and you want to feel rested, close your eyes and open them new. Remember to feel the intention while you make this mixture and to take deep breaths when you apply it!

This potion is specially made for Capricorns but anyone can use it! *:・゚✧ You can find our other Zodiac Potions HERE!

***If you don’t live in a sunny place is better to just start using it right away and check for mold or humidity forming so you know when to throw it away!

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Imagine Gascoigne carrying both of the girls on his shoulders. The girls are laughing because they're up so high and can see everything, Viola's happy because its such a cute sight, Gasc is smiling because all of his girls are happy. There are good times all around and everything is okay.

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