Things I love about B99

- Jake Peralta
- Jake Peralta’s tiny bits of chub in season 1
- Jake Peralta’s fluffy hair in season 1
- Johnny and Dora
- Rosa’s smiles
- Amy being a dork
- The faces people make in the background
- All of Holt’s gay/rainbow paraphernalia on his desk
- Kevin and Ray
- Cheddar
- Jake Peralta
- Gina
- Terry and yoghurt
- More Jake Peralta
- When Holt makes a joke and no one laughs
- When Holt shouts something out of context
- Ginas dancing
- Jakes roleplaying and undercover stuff
- Peraltiago
- The ‘Jake Peralta is Bisexual’ Theory
- Holt not understanding modern things
- Terry and his kids
- Jake and random children
- Charles shipping Peraltiago
- Jake in general

tv shows that I 11/10 recommend (that aren’t as big as they should be);

By aren’t as big as they should be I mean no one I know watches them

- SKAM (Norwegian show about high school - season 3 is bae af)

- Lucifer (show about the devil on vacay in LA- about my smol devil child who’s an all-deserving bean - bonus- mentions how Trump is going to hell and other quirks like so)

- How To Get Away With Murder (a show that rips your fucking hearts out don’t even bother with it)

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine (show about just some babies getting together acting like police no joke they’re precious)

- Yuuri!!! On Ice (a show about my precious child meeting his idol coughandhasasupercreepyobsessionnahjustkiddingseriouslythohegotthesamedogcough and being super in love together while ice-skating)

- The Magicians (super underrated but about dramatic people who all have sex with each other at some point and there’s some other-worldy magical world blah blah blah)


-The Get Down (PLeasee just watch this awe-inspiring show based in the Bronx 1977 about diversity and so full of goodness and pureness and music and drama and love where you learn the only way to impress the love of your life your crush is by showing them your pigeons) no seriously please just fucking watch this magnificent thing

-Eyewitness (I mean if you don’t want to be killed on a weekly basis don’t watch this but otherwise yh great show definitely recommend)

best cube duets:
  1. x rain - things i’ll do when i have a lover
  2. x junhyung - i will back off so you can live better 
  3. namjoo x sungjae - photograph
  4. troublemaker - troublemaker
  5. eunji x seo in guk - all for you 
  6. park hyusoo x sungjae - love song
  7. junghyung x yeoseob - thanks to
  8. elkie x changsub - after the play
  9. eunji x yoseob - love day
  10. hyuna x kwon jungyeol - get out of my house
  11. minah x minhyuk - no
  12. hyunsik x luizy - eat alone
  13. hyunsik x luizy - baby ride
  14. apink BnN - my darling
  15. sungjae x seunghee - curious about you