bn s 5

               ➺ K n i g h t s ⬤ R o u n d : AU/// MMO   

  • Artoria was the one who created the Static, everyone absolutely respects them. Their raid group are of the top 100 Universally, meaning they work hard for their stats and raid regularly. 
  • Merlin is their main healer, often found alt tabbing because he absolutely is bored of buffing and healing everyone. Sometimes ends up letting his team get low to the point they think they are going to wipe. Or lets a few of them die; Nearly wiping the whole instance. Then brings them back up from absolute hell. While they scurry about to fix the mess he made. He loves doing this and you never know when hes going to do it. Considered one of  the best healers NA, probably plays MMOBAGEs while playing his PC MMO.
  • Gareth is their Main tank, often times when their team wipes shes the one who will hold their ground. While using all the potions and health skills she can to keep herself topped off so the rest of his team gets their shit check out.
  • Artoria is the main DPS along side Lancelot.
  • Tristian is ranged dps, the chillest one there. Actually prefers FPS games and currently is playing overwatch alot more. Only raids with the group and does what he needs to wanting to spend more of his time playing more aim related game as it rewards him for better.
  • Gawain is off tank often is the one to take care of the extra mobs and when Gareth happens to mess up or something goes around. Is the one to take charge. 
  • Bedivere is the second healer, helps heal best he can when merlin is being an absolute troll which is often honestly.
  • Mordred is part of another raid group, but often times they are put together. Originally was part of the static but when Mordred kept trying to take over the static group and causing issues of authority and being generally rude to everyone. He got voted out. Creating his own raid group.
  • Gawain and Lancelot have beef with each other because lancelot was dating Artoria’s gf at the time Artoria them self was dating her. Although currently they are no longer dating after that happened. The beef is still there despite Artoria forgiving them and realizing they were a better couple together then them two anyway. Artoria is happy for them. Gawain on the other hand cant stand it, and often times they break up in fights over minuscule things. Such as loot distribution or picking out the fact that lancelot used a skill too soon or too late, or not used when they shoulda used it.