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Hi friends!! Sorry I’m bad at updating when I’m not training haha

Things have been good though! I’ve started running regularly again, although keeping it short and easy for now. I went to the group run on Wednesday this week and thankfully it was just a group run and not speed work :)

I’ve also been trying to bike more, but the weather here has been shit lately, so that makes things harder. But hopefully that changes soon!

This weekend the town that I live in had a bike festival for the 14th year. It’s a great weekend full of all kinds of biking! I watched a few crit races today and some BMX stuff yesterday. I love this festival because it gets people learning about biking and helps promote a safe bike environment :)

And that’s about all I’ve been up to! Nothing too exciting :)


Geoff Ramsey & Joel Heyman Interview - RTX 2015.

Looking for LGBT+ friendly people to follow

If you, or someone you know posts vehicles, architecture, land/cityscapes, street art, skate/bmx, random funny stuff, guitars, FOB, P!ATD, SWS,(or related bands) or other just generally cool stuff like my post and I’ll check out your blog(Send me a quick message if you think I should check out a blog!


I was goofing around tonight, looking at some old school BMX stuff around the web, when I came across a forum that had these amazing stills from the shoot of DEVO’s seldom seen Freedom Of Choice video (circa 1980). Just as low budge as the enormously more popular Whip It video (from the same album), but with skateboarding!!  Too cool.


I apparently didn’t post this already here. If you wanna see some of the worst flash games ever this video is for you. Hopefully you have more intestinal fortitude than I do when it comes to the horror that is “Frozen Anna Gives Birth A Baby”