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[Modern-day] Elementalist Headcanons –

Elementalists generally give absolutely zero fucks about the weather.

Too hot? Water magic! Walking sprinkler and frozen drinks on demand~
Too cold? Fire magic! Light something up. Or perhaps, light yourself up, lmao.
Raining too much? Earth + Fire magic! Make a mud-brick house and insta-bake it with fire.
Windy day wrecking your hair? Air magic! Counter those obnoxious gusts with your own.
Too humid? Fire and/or Air magic! Cook off that gross humidity and/or simply blow it away~

Elementalists can also be filthy cheaters in sports competitions.

Sports that require some sort of course or field – Mayhem awaits~ Make your opponents stumble over rocks and slip on mud that shows up out of nowhere. For winter sports like hockey and speed or figure skating, conjure a few chunks of ice right in your competitors’ paths.

Outdoor sports – That wave too tiny to surf on? Make bigger, better waves that follow your every movement to win that surfing competition. Freestyle BMX? Ramps and jumps too pathetically small to do any cool stunts on? Add a bit to them! Rock climbing? Make a few more ledges to cling onto.

…The possibilites are endless.


Subrosa pro @joris108 bonkin around on the side of some ramps… #bmx #subrosa #subrosabrand #subrosasaves

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