Shadow rider Simone Barraco (@simobarraco) did a nose manual today on Day 1 of the #shadowsubrosaworldtour in Basel. Follow the whole crew including @sparkysfrance for constant updates. #theshadowconspiracy #bmx #simonebarraco

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Racing For Glory with Caroline Buchanan

To see more of Caroline’s adventures around Rio, follow @cbuchanan68 on Instagram.

For Australian cyclist Caroline Buchanan (@cbuchanan68), competing at the Rio Olympics is an opportunity to show her national pride. “It’s really special for me to have the opportunity to race on the biggest sporting stage with the Aussie green and gold colors on my back,” the world champion says. Caroline has been BMX racing since she was just 5 years old — winning titles comes from a mindset she developed to rise to the top. “To be a true champion in every essence of the word, I have learned that I need to have a combination of physical power, skill and mental strength to cross the line in first place,” she says. “I try to bring out my inner personal power to thrive under pressure. Every training session I strive to perfect this combination.”


Dominio ab-so-lu-to de la BMX.

Se llama Mark Webb, no nació sabiendo y se ha dado mil hostias, pero ha llegado a un nivel de excelencia difícil de igualar. Aquí su anterior vídeo.