Crushes and Graham Cracker Crumbs

I’ve gotten a few anons/messages about this today, so I’m just gonna post…

Crushes are not the only way to have feelings for another person in Jacobsland. (Or in real life, for that matter.) Cory did not have a CRUSH on Topanga for most of BMW S1-2, but he definitely had feelings for her. Topanga didn’t have a CRUSH on Cory for most of BMW S1-2, but she definitely had feelings for him (although she did have a brief crush on Eric).

A crush is a VERY specific type of feelings/behavior in Jacobsland. It’s usually characterized by being heavily based on looks, not ACTUALLY knowing a person very deeply, and expressed through over-the-top behavior.

Cory and Topanga didn’t treat each other that way in BMWS1-2. They didn’t have “crushes” on each other. In fact, they had a tendency to be pretty contentious. But no reasonable person would deny that they had FEELINGS for each other even though for the most part they didn’t have “crushes” by Jacobsland standards.

So, just because Jacobs answered “right now that’s it” when asked if Maya had a CRUSH on anyone other than Josh, that does not automatically mean she didn’t have feelings for Lucas back in season one. Why would Michael Jacobs give a away a major, major plot twist that far in advance? That’s like telling you “IT’S THE GRAHAM CRACKERS!” in the cold open of GM Fish instead of at the end. Of course he minced words.

And anyway, the reveal that Maya’s had feelings for Lucas all along and that she “stepped back” has been CANON since Texas. Maya had multiple chances to deny it, and she didn’t. The fact that Maya makes fun of Lucas because she likes him has been CANON since Texas. And how long has Maya made fun of Lucas…? Exactly.

Moreover, the “you stepped back” reveal was a “graham cracker moment.” There’s a reason they used the phrase “stepped back” over and over and over again. When you go back and rewatch, you can SEE Maya actually step back and direct Lucas’s attention to Riley in GM Boy. And she “steps back” a few other times too.

When you PAY ATTENTION (“you don’t pay enough attention to me,” indeed) to Maya instead of just assuming she’s not a part of this, when you LOOK carefully at the pictures you’re being shown (up down across and sideways), when you stop assuming and LOOK closer, you can see her feelings showing on the regular allllll through S1. Just like how when you go back after Secret of Life you can see the hints about Lucas’s past scattered through season one.

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But I thought Topanga always rejected Minkus because he annoyed her?

Nope. Not even. People misremember it that way, but it’s not true. Cory and Shawn were mostly horrible to Stuart (although they had their moments), but Topanga was mostly sweet to Stuart and even liked him back a little bit (although that was nothing compared to what she was slowly developing with Cory whether she fully realized it or not at the time). I’ve always wondered if there would’ve been a Minkus/Topanga/Cory triangle (there were rumblings of that in BMWS1) if they hadn’t been forced to let Lee Norris go after S1 for financial reasons.

I know most people tend to skip over season one when they rewatch BMW—at least a lot of people tell me they tend to skip to S3—but if you want to truly understand GMW on a deeper level you have absolutely got to go through season one (and two!) of BMW again. It’ll make you go:

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alan, boy meets girl: "topanga? but Cory's always teasing, making fun of her" *realizing look* "oh this is bad."


It’s actually kinda funny, because Riley/Lucas/Maya is kiiiinda like a gender bent version of Stuart/Topanga/Cory in BMWS1. Stuart and Topanga clearly had some kinda unofficial reciprocal little sixth grade thing going on (don’t believe me? rewatch!) buuuuuut, Topanga was totally falling for Cory the whole time (and vice versa) even though he pretty much just made fun of her and rarely had a single nice thing to say to or about her. In a broad sense, it’s kind of a similar story so far although there’s obviously more to Rilucas than there was to early Stopanga in terms of character depth and development.

What’s also interesting to me is that you can see in BMW S1 how Cory and Topanga affect and change each other without even realizing it. Topanga and Stuart, on the other hand, are a lot more alike to begin with—although there’s a great episode where Topanga changes Minkus’s mercenary outlook on a school project in favor of being more environmentally sound.

Anyway, yeah. Evvvvverybody needs to rewatch BMW S1. There’s this false memory people have of Topanga being annoyed by Stuart and constantly rejecting him…but that’s absolutely not what *actually* happened.

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Lucas likes the way Maya treats him even though she treats him like dust

Plenty of happy couples/people who care about each other tease each other pretty mercilessly, both IRL and (more importantly) in the BMW/GMW universe. And Lucas LIKES the teasing 99.9999% of the time, so…

Oh, and if you think Maya treats Lucas “like dust,” you really oughta rewatch BMWS1 because Cory was WAY worse to Topanga than Maya’s ever been to Lucas.

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So in the end Farkle could possibly achieve what his father couldn't by fighting the "geek/nerd who doesn't get the girl" stereotype and ending up with Topanga's daughter ("my dad says your wife should have been my mother"). While this story is happening (road not taken), Riarkle also get a ton of Corpanga parallels along with other moments that make it clear that Farkle is Riley's big love. It's like a missed chance a la Topanga/Stuart but meant to be a la Corpanga wrapped into one. I LOVE this

YES EXACTLY! And when people try to say Stuart wasn’t a “missed opportunity” for Topanga because she “felt harassed and rejected him all the time,” I’m just like…yeeeeah, someone needs to actually rewatch BMWS1 because thats soooo not what happened. Topanga and Stuart were never officially together or anything, but she clearly liked him VERY much. If Cory hadn’t existed, Stopanga might’ve had a prayer.

On GMW the reverse is true. Lucas doesn’t have a long-term prayer with Riley, because Farkle exists. And deep down, Riley has ALWAYS loved Farkle much better than she loves Lucas. 😏

Oh, and also: