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Grandmother: 헉, 불상이 깨졌다! (Oops, the Buddha statue got cracked!)

Mrs. Kim: 뭐라고요? (Pardon?)

Grandmother: 불상이 깨졌어! (The Buddha statue! It’s cracked!)

Mrs. Kim: 어머니! (Mother, please!)

Grandmother: 얘, 불상이 깨졌는데도 식을 시작한단 말이냐? (How can you start the wedding ceremony when the statue got cracked?)

Mrs. Kim: 괜찮아요, 어머니. (It’s okay, mother.)

Grandmother: 이리 와봐! (Follow me!)

[They go into the other room.]

Grandmother: 어떻게 나한테 말을 그렇게 해?(How can you tell me like that?)

Mrs. Kim: 그냥 대답했는데요. (I simply answered.)

Grandmother: 아니야. 네가 손님 앞에서 날 망신스럽게 했어. (No. You humiliated me in front of my guests.)

Mrs. Kim: 제 손님이기도 해요. (They are my guests, too.)

Grandmother: 그리고 오렌지는 아주 작아가지구! (And what about the oranges, they are too small!)

Officiant: [Very loudly. So I can’t hear what Mrs. Kim’s saying!X)]축복이 가정에 함께하길 진심으로 빕니다! (May the blessing be with your family!)

Grandmother: 결혼식 하고 있는거 알고 있어. 너 내가 노망이 들었다고 하는 거야?(I know we are in the middle of the ceremony. Are you telling me I’m getting senile?)

Mrs. Kim: 아니요, 노망들었다고 안했어요!(No, I didn’t say that!)

Lorelai: The universal sounds of family.

6.19 - I Get a Sidekick Out of You

The translation of this scene was kindly provided by gilmorism:

“Hi! I saw a question regarding Korean spoken on the show(s6e19), and since I’m from South Korea, I wanted to help. But first of all, I’m a bit worried ‘cause Koreans were portrayed so weird on Gilmore Girls while many of  them are far from the truth (including the very scene I’m going to translate). :( Of course, I know it’s just for fun and I love Gilmore Girls regardless of that, but I just want you to know that not all Koreans are like that.

And here are some interesting facts you would have not noticed. :)

- Since the actors(Lane Kim and Mrs. Kim) are Japanese, their pronunciation of Korean sounds really funny to “real” Koreans, and sometimes, it’s hard to understand! X)

- In Korea, even if a woman get married, their last name does not change. And since their children usually follow their father’s last name, it’s really uncommon for mother and her daughter to have the same last name like Mrs. Kim and Lane. :P (But more than that, I wonder where the hell is Lane’s father and what he’s doing!)

I hope this was helpful!<3 ”

A big thank you for you, gilmorism <3