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DAY TEN :: August 30th

Favorite Claire Quote/Moment: In 1x16, To Ransom a Man’s Soul, you see Claire’s love for Jamie come full circle.

I lie here, feeling I will die without your touch, but when you do touch me, I want to vomit with shame.

No! You are my husband, James Fraser. How dare you give up on me now! You swore to me, you, you promised me the… the protection of your body if need be. Well, Randall had your body, but I’ll be damned if he has your soul as well! You’re mine. And we are meant to be together. It’s the only explanation I have for all this. It’s… the only way I can wrap my mind around what’s happened all these past months. It’s all been for you and me. But if you take away the one, last thing that makes sense to me, and I will die. With you, right here, now.

Mo nighean donn. How can you have me like this?

I will have you any way I can. Always.