Hey guys and dolls

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This is just a note to say that my father, John, is about to leave for a massive road trip from Maryland to Oregon for the International BMW Motorcycle Rally in Salem Oregon. He’s taking his BMW R1200RT and will be gone until July 28th and least.

My Dad had an accident last summer and besides his family, finds very little joy in his life. His job is hectic and difficult and he is very, very, VERY under appreciated. This trip is probably as close to a midlife crisis as he’ll ever get, seeing as he’s turning 51 this October. He’ll probably come back and decide to move us to Montana or something, but it will be good whatever happens. He’s been planning this trip for months and today is finally it’s beginning.

If you want to keep tabs on his epic trip, because lets be honest, this is the US, nothing is simple or small here, please check out his twitter and his Youtube Channel, where he will be posting daily videos of his trip.

Please guys, this trip means the world to him, and knowing that people are interested will make him happier than anything. And please send your thoughts and prayers with him, as he is going alone and I have no way of knowing if he’ll be alright. I have absolute faith in him, but not so much in the people and roads he is traveling along.

He leaves at 1pm EST today, July 12th, 2013.

Please send prayers, thoughts and love to help him along, and take a look at the awesome videos he will be posting.

#BMW2013… OMG, how can I fit all this shit into my vehicle!? Tie a bunch on the ROOF! Traveling north today. Taking @miniboomshmack to Aunti@emeryliz’s tonight… *sigh* gonna be missin #MsWales fer sure! Whilst I am out @burningman )’( @doomcircusclown’s #CargoCultCalendar #CountDownToTheBurn