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boy meets world + favorite moments: security guy 

Mr. Feeny, we got a few issues to discuss with you. We just came from taking our SATs. For more years than I care to remember you have drove us nuts by filling our heads with dates and ideas and numbers and concepts. Yeah, and with the last three weeks of that course of yours, drilling us and pushing us to the edge. And now that it’s all over and we’ve taken the test, we had to come here and tell you to your face: Thanks a lot man. We finally understand why you pushed us so hard. We’re really glad you did. 

will friedle…. was eric… on boy meets world….

kashaw…. eric…. i’m….

Pre-Upstate Shawngela BMW Rewatch Playlist.

Don’t fall for the absurd notion that Maya is to Rilucas as Shawn was to Corpanga. They’re nothing alike in that regard so far, and Maya didn’t fall for Lucas because she had “Corpanga 2.0” envy. Riley and Lucas are NOTHING like Cory and Topanga. And Maya ain’t the one with a Corpanga-envy issue to begin with…

I still can’t get over this freaking scene

Riley: So basically he fell in love with a concept? 

Maya: It was doomed from the start.

Riley: Never let me do that.
Maya: I would kill it immediately. That’s what best friends are supposed to do.
- Ring power! - Ring power! - Thunder! - Lightning!

Seriously. Why does this scene even EXIST.

It has no purpose on the episode. Like, ok, They wanna say Shawn fell in love with a concept (when my BMW rewatch get to that I’ll be able to talk about it more but considering they didn’t even up together and that I didn’t ship them back then I guess… i guess idk they weren’t right)

but why drag Riley into that?

Why even talk about never letting Riley do that?! This is so darn weird

(and don’t even let me talk about Maya’s reply CAUSE I’LL GO CRAZY)

I just. cAN’T for the life of me believe this was just about Shawn -because the conversation wasn’t even about him and by the end of the episode the girls wanted him to go through Katy’s purse. 

Why did they even bring this subject up? Couldn’t they just have given any other excuse: oh, it wasn’t meant to be….oh, life happens…oh WHATEVER???? why bring this whole idea of “falling in love with a concept” WHY

This is fishy as HECK and I don’t wanna think to much into it 

(but I do

Like the fact that this episode is right after First Date in production order

and they show that Riley sees Lucas as “the face”

and i need to stop)

EDIT: and I know it’s because Riley fell for Mr Perfect (Lucas) and Maya will make her see the truth

I’m just freaking out a lot and I love throwing rhetorical questions at the universe because there can’t be another answer but that one above

I've been rewatching BMW

And with the exception of Lucas being her first crush, I really don’t see how people can honestly see Rilucas as Corpanga, even season 1 Rilucas. It’s like the show just introduced Lucas as Love Interest™ and since Riley is Cory’s daughter and also in middle school and this her first crush, some people just associated it with Corpanga and clutched onto this idea way too hard. Some people seem to forget all the early seasons Corpanga teasing and the fact that they had known each other for awhile first (how long exactly depends on which retcon you’re following). I’m not saying Riarkle and Lucaya are exactly like Corpanga either, but they share way more similarities than Rilucas, yet there’s still a decent amount of people who are convinced Riley and Lucas are the next Cory and Topanga.


Rewatched the BMW episode (S2E10) where Cory dates Harley’s sister Theresa, who really really likes him. And he’s getting ready for the date but he’s not really excited about it and he is trying to think of ways to make Theresa not like him (so he wears a weird outfit, etc). It’s not that Cory doesn’t like Theresa, but she comes on strong (sending him a bunch gifts, writing on his locker) plus he feels threatened due to Harley.

Anyway, Frankie (one of Harley’s sidekicks), comes to pick up Cory since he’s chaperoning the date. And he says to Cory:

Frankie: Miss Keiner’s waiting in the car to the movies.
*Cory freaking out to Shawn for a bit*
Frankie: Miss Keiner doesn’t like to miss the coming attractions

Hmmmm sounds familiar? *cough Texas part 3*

I haven’t really tried to figure out if there’s significance (I think it’s possible….I always felt the TK storyline could have been more than one episode) or if it’s just the writers doing a callback for the sake of doing a callback. I’m leaning more towards its significant, especially in light of seeing that the girl who played TK met with the GMW producers last month.

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So I’m finishing up my BMW rewatch and I’m going through S2. (I watched 3-7 first and looped back around.) I kinda remembered the meatloaf thing, but I’d forgotten about Shawn’s girl dilemma leading right into it.

And OMFGLOL. I used to be skeptical about whether sloppy joe was THAT big of a deal or not. But now…people who think the whole sloppy joe/chicken pot pie thing couldn’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with the ships? They need to watch this episode of Boy Meets World right fucking now. Or at least the first three minutes.

Deny it all you want, but…😂

(Really just watch the whole episode, pretty much all of it is relevant. I’m cracking up so hard right now.)

I have a theory about Season 3 of GMW. I was rewatching BMW and when Cory and Shawn were gone to High school, Shawn was considered for one of the cool guys, and I also noticed that Maya and Shawn have a lot of similarities, so I think that Maya will be considered for one of the cool girls and maybe Riley will feel a little bit left out, what do you think?

So, I'm rewatching BMW...

…I started with S3-S7 and now I’ve looped back around to S1-S2. Stray Thoughts:

(1) Yeah, none of the GMW kids 100% know what their feelings are right now. None of them. Maya’s the *most* aware of herself, but even she ain’t 100%.

(2) Cory and Topanga never really had to be pushed when their relationship was building in S1-S2. They both took constant, consistent, escalating initiative almost entirely on their own even if they weren’t fully aware of what/how they were feeling yet. Or really what they were doing at all. 😂

(3) Sh*t didn’t get real on BMW until S3, after two seasons of Cory and Topanga falling for each other without fully knowing that’s what they were doing. Their awareness builds slowly as their romantic connection grows through S1-S2. By the time they begin S3, everything’s FINALLY out in the open. Later on, Cory says he “always knew.” But that’s not actually what *happened* onscreen, regardless of what he said later.