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boy meets world + favorite moments: security guy 

Mr. Feeny, we got a few issues to discuss with you. We just came from taking our SATs. For more years than I care to remember you have drove us nuts by filling our heads with dates and ideas and numbers and concepts. Yeah, and with the last three weeks of that course of yours, drilling us and pushing us to the edge. And now that it’s all over and we’ve taken the test, we had to come here and tell you to your face: Thanks a lot man. We finally understand why you pushed us so hard. We’re really glad you did. 

@sammmtacular replied to your post “Did you watch 13 reasons why? If you haven’t don’t it’s literally…”

….personally I really liked it. It was a bit graphic in a few scenes towards the end especially. But I thought it was actually a great book to screen adaptation and I don’t say that a lot at all.

i can only assume the show is better than the book cuz the book did absolutely nothing for me. im in the middle of a bmw rewatch and tryna get through nearly 300 eps of 90210 i cant be bothered to start a new show right now anyway

Pre-Upstate Shawngela BMW Rewatch Playlist.

Don’t fall for the absurd notion that Maya is to Rilucas as Shawn was to Corpanga. They’re nothing alike in that regard so far, and Maya didn’t fall for Lucas because she had “Corpanga 2.0” envy. Riley and Lucas are NOTHING like Cory and Topanga. And Maya ain’t the one with a Corpanga-envy issue to begin with…


GM the Truth - Lesson: Morality and the ‘Universe’

OK. So here are a few closing thoughts on this episode before I move on. Warning: this may be incoherent.

The lesson in this episode is seemingly straightforward. We don’t get a historical framework; it’s just introduced by Cory as (paraphrasing): history deals with what truly happened, so let’s talk about the TRUTH. (Interesting how a later lesson points out that “truths” in history change). I’ve gone over the subtler ways this subject engages the characters (X), but I also think there are other abstract themes/concepts alluded to in the episode that are stimulating to think about.

The big question asked is: “What’s the right thing to do?”  And in answering it, indirectly, they introduce this concept of the ‘Universe’ aiding in arriving to the right thing/the truth coming out.

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GM True Maya Teasers + Recommended Rewatches

Sorry this took so long! I’m kinda out of it from the long day, so I’ll figure out some more in depth commentary later, but for now…


(1) BMW 2x19 ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’
(2) GM Rules
(3) GM World of Terror 2 (the animated bit)
(4) Maybe GM Belief too


Riley sings in the Bay Window.

Classroom Lesson #1: POMPEII

Seating Arrangement:

Cheeky Lucas makes an appearance.

Doy gets in trouble.

Farkle does something unpredictable because he wants to be more unpredictable.

Maya figures out something she definitely doesn’t like.

Lucas does something we’ve seen Riley do before (and it’s hilarious because he’s even worse at it than she is).

The “triangle” is briefly and inconclusively discussed, and it’s initiated by Riley.


Farkle talks about flowers blooming from the ash of an erupted volcano, which makes Lucas blurt something out in class.

Maya runs into some girls from her past at a city park in her neighborhood. They call her weak.

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GM Bear Teasers!

Sorry this one took me so long! I’m VERY VERY VERY excited about this episode and it was kinda hard to figure out what to tease because I WANNA TELL YOU EVERYTHING! But I can’t, so this will have to do for now.

Pre-Taping Talk:

In the pre-show talk Jacobs reiterated that it was never a triangle and essentially said he thinks we’ll like how it will ultimately turn out; possibly implying that it isn’t really finished or solved. (He implied something similar at the ACM taping too). He commented that everyone had seen the Ski Lodge spoilers, that this was never really a triangle, that a triangle would be way too simple and they don’t write things that easy or simple. It’s more nuanced. He’s pleased with how they did/are doing things. Then he went on to compare GM Bear to GM Game Night.


Maya takes tacos VERY SERIOUSLY. So much so that we get a Lucaya back jump.

Beary has gone missing. Riley thinks this is a huge emergency. Everyone else? Notsomuch.

At one point Zay has reason to ask Farkle and Lucas, “Why did you SWITCH?” 👀

Riley and Lucas finally have their first 100% alone scene! PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION. They get some more candy/pretty wrapper symbolism.

Riley hugs Lucas!

Josh appears with his laundry in tow, and he ain’t nearly as mature and grown as people think he is…but there’s a “long game” reference.

Farkle. Topanga. Who you were + who you are + who you’ll become.

Zay is grateful to Maya for something she did for him and he wants to return the favor.

We get a flashback to see Auggie’s side of the Beary story.

Little Riley and Maya also appear.

Riley and Lucas do something nice for Maya.


Recommended Rewatches:

BMW 1x19 ‘Kid Gloves’
BMW 4x05 ‘Shallow Boy’
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GM Forgiveness
GM Bay Window
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