bmw nazca

i posted this like 3 times but imagine that right now, in south east asia, in the middle of a forest with 95% humidity, lie thousands of cars from the 90s, supercars and what not, the great majority have less than 1000km and many were never driven at all, and they’re ROTTING parked next to each other.

And i’m talking about Bugatti EB110s, Ferrari F40s, F50s, 456s, 550s, Countach, Ferrari ones offs, Bentley one offs, FERRARI WAGONS, bentley wagons, rolls royce wagons, rebodied XJ220, actually there’s something like 14 XJ220s there, McLaren F1s, LMs, BMW Nazcas, Cizetas

and ye they’re rotting and u can’t do shit about it jajajaja (btw this is an actual pic of the many warehouses filled with said cars and much more)