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Hi Mr. Badge! I don't know how to send links but I saw an article in the Telegraph about a workman's cafe accidentally being awarded a Michelin star and I couldn't help but think of your Foodieverse (not that War on Hunger's star was anything but well-deserved!)

I do think War on Hunger’s star was probably an accident. 

See, the thing is, one of the reasons Steve does so well parking in TOBRU’s parking lot in the evenings is that TOBRU is – it’s about food, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also about THEATRICALITY, and Tony did the “How much pizza can we sell someone for $8.99″ thing for years, so now he’s interested in how much experience they can sell someone. And Bruce probably does not actually like people eating his food. Food is too pure to be eaten, Tony! 

The result is that when you leave TOBRU you have had an amazing time and your wallet is a few hundred lighter and you feel satisfied but not…satiated. You have not eaten the kind of calories per meal we are used to getting. I mean, that flavored foam was good but it was foam, y’know? 

And then as you are reaching into your pocket for your BMW keys, you look up and you see Steve Rogers, an Adonis in suspenders, handing someone an entire sandwich. They walk past you, pastrami straggling from the corner of their mouth, and before you understand what’s happening you are standing in front of the service window saying, “What kind of mustard do you put on that pastrami?” and he says “wholegrain apple mustard” and you look at your spouse and say “we want two please.” 

So I still haven’t decided who the Michelin judge was, but I am well aware that they walked out of TOBRU mentally writing the glowing review they’re gonna give it and saw War On Hunger. They saw the people who were at the table next to them heading for War On Hunger like, “Oh Jeff, look, the truck’s here again, remember his onion sandwich roll?” and that’s how a Michelin judge full of TOBRU food ended up eating second dinner at War On Hunger and being like “I could legit give a food truck a Michelin Star, holy shit Steve Rogers the Old Missing Luke Skywalker of Manhattan actually made a Michelin Star food truck.” 

3x20 thoughts

Why I Ship Rilaya: The Episode

Riley and Maya are more important than Riley and Lucas. I don’t think anybody missed that.

I’m gonna give up a good school so I can be with Maya, just like you did for your romantic interest.

Wait…*takes hand*…Ok.

Quite the cliffhanger. Next week are we taking A Long Walk to Pittsburgh, are we thinking about Graduation, or are we about to enter a Brave New World? I’ve been saying it since the promo for 3x20 dropped, but this plotline is definitely reminding me of some key BMW moments.


The Future Is Now: The New BMW i8 Key

The BMW i8’s key looks like a mini smartphone, & will provide information on charging status, including the time on charge and the distance the vehicle can travel before it needs to be recharged or refueled.

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My EDC, minus the XD(M) if I’m going on-post.

How about a nice walk home, huh?

Maybe not the most petty thing I’ve done, but most recent at least. I was at a grocery store, right before closing, waiting to pay for my single item, behind an obnoxious older woman, with BMW keys hanging half way out of her pant pocket. She took eternity to checkout because of coupons and price checks. Rude as hell to the cashier, and to me. Apparently both of our appearances, attitudes and accents were not up to par. After that I went to a 24-hour pharmacy, and whom did I see walking in? You guessed it! Same woman. As I walked towards the entrance, I noticed BMW keys on the ground. I looked around - only one BMW in the parking lot, so I casually side-kicked the keys under a newspaper box, and kept on walking.

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What are some key moments that show that Rilucas just doesn't work in the romantic sense?

There are quite a few examples of this, but I think New World, Secret of Life, Belief, and STEM are some of the biggest. 

With New World, the peer pressure they felt to be a couple was obviously the culprit of most of the awkwardness that they encountered in the episode and I think that’s an incredibly believable scenario. But, there’s one bit that stands out to me and it’s their awkwardness at holding hands. 

Here’s my thing. They like each other. Peer pressure or no peer pressure, considering that they’re holding hands with someone they like, (especially for the entirety of the walk from Topanga’s to Riley’s apartment), you would think they’d have eased into it more at some point, just a little bit, just a smidge. The funny thing is, they actually seem MORE uncomfortable by the end of it all than they did at the beginning. They literally have their arms outstretched by the time they get to Riley’s and again, I acknowledge that peer pressure was a major factor in their failure at comfortably being a couple. They weren’t ready for that yet and that’s completely understandable (and believable given Riley & Lucas’ characterizations up to that point), but there are certain elements of that, like the hand holding, that seem to speak to deeper issues. The fact that they were SO, almost comically, uncomfortable with it seems to speak, to me at least, to their level of physical comfort/chemistry or lack there of (which, as I’ve mentioned before, I feel is a very big part of any romantic relationship, regardless of age).

Secret of Life is also important because it really emphasizes the underlying tension that exists in Riley & Lucas’ idealization of one another. I know this gets debated a lot and Rilucas shippers always want to say, “Well, the only reason Riley was mad at Lucas was because he kept a secret from her, not because of what he did or because of him being different” And they’re correct, to a point. Riley was upset that Lucas didn’t tell her about his past or what he’d done, but she was also upset over the idea of Lucas being different than who she thought he was. This is stated very explicitly in the episode when Riley says:

“As long as you’re not different than I think.”

“Tell me that whoever this Zay kid is, that he can’t just come in here and change you from the Lucas we know. Tell me nothing changes.”

Riley was not just upset that Lucas kept a secret from her. Riley was upset at the idea of Lucas potentially being someone different than who she thought he was. (Compare that to Maya’s “Whatever you did at you’re old school, you are still such a Huckleberry.” Whatever he did, to Maya, it doesn’t change a thing. He’s still huckleberry to her.)

I’ve spoken at length about the idealization issues that plague rilucas, so I won’t get too deep into it here, but Riley’s comments in SoL show that she has a certain preconceived notion of who Lucas is and that she doesn’t want that to change (one that’s presumably typified by the idea of him birthing horses, wanting to be vet, and being a hero.) This episode really spoke to Riley’s idealization issues and the sheer existence of this desire to ignore part of who Lucas is, is super problematic. (Note Riley’s complete and utter denial of what’s actually happening in front of her during the locker scene. Lucas is there, threatening this guy, and Riley’s all doe eyed, talkin about Lucas being a vet. She is literally ignoring this part of Lucas that doesn’t fit with her idea of him and attempting to cover it up with a part that does, i.e. his veterinarian dreams. Not a good sign for a romantic relationship, which is, in this universe anyways, based on unconditional love for all of who someone is.)

Belief is a really big one for me (not just in regards to rilucas, but the square dance as a whole). Belief not only features a blatantly name dropped square dance, but it also visibly shows the swapping of partners (or ships, as it were), from Maya/Farkle+Riley/Lucas to Lucaya/Riarkle. And I think one of the things the episode really hammered home was why Maya/Farkle & Riley/Lucas doesn’t work. Maya/Farkle were equally content with sitting on their imaginary beach on their fake vacation and Riley/Lucas literally agreed on everything. They even ask one another, “Why do I need you?” And it’s such an important moment that I think a lot of their shippers ignore. Riley and Lucas are so similar to one another that, in the case of this heavy and deeply personal topic (beliefs), they don’t need each other. They don’t even need to discuss it. There’s nothing there to discuss. They feel exactly the same and are getting nothing beneficial from the partnership. Nothing. So much of nothing that they all decide to switch partners again. Like, the message in that is resoundingly clear.

Meanwhile, when the episode finally settles on Lucaya and Riarkle, you see a major major contrast in the partnerships (vs. Maya/Farkle & Riley/Lucas). Lucaya and Riarkle are both able to have conversations that result in the slight opening of minds. They’re both able to have mature discussions about a deeply personal subject without pushing each other too much (like Riley & Maya/Lucas & Farkle) and without the complete lack of any benefit in being partnered together because of similar mentalities (like Farkle & Maya/Lucas & Riley). 

After their conversations with Lucas & Riley respectively, you FINALLY start to see the wheels turning for Maya & Farkle and it’s so important that it took this particular set of pairings for that to occur.

This is also paralleled in STEM. Lucaya & Riarkle being partnered in that episode was crucial to the storyline and, again, speaks to how beneficial those partnerships are. If Riley & Lucas were paired together, Lucas would have let Riley do the science from the start, she would have had no reason to get worked up and boom, Riley doesn’t get a lesson on feminism and the importance of girls in STEM. If Maya and Farkle were paired, Maya would have let Farkle do all the science and boom, Maya doesn’t get motivated to care about science. Lucas wanted Maya to participate in the project. He pushed her too. He made it as easy as possible, but he pushed her. If Maya had been with Farkle instead, Farkle wouldn’t have pushed her and if Lucas had been with Riley instead, Riley wouldn’t have had any reason to push back. 

Like with Belief, it’s once again emphasized that Maya/Farkle & Riley/Lucas sometimes struggle to be as beneficial to the growth of the characters as Riarkle & Lucaya are (at least when it comes to certain topics.)

In particular to Rilucas, Lucaya pushes one another in a way that Rilucas simply can’t because, to harken back to a pretty key BMW lesson, they’re “jelly and jelly”. It’s tedious and redundant and “why would we want to be with somebody exactly like themselves?”

And that’s one of the biggest things working against romantic rilucas, IMO. They have so much in common that they don’t push one another as much or as well as Lucas & Maya do and that ability to push/motivate each other (the right way), is very important to romantic relationships in this universe. Riley & Lucas’ struggling in this department, as exemplified by Belief & STEM, is a pretty strong example, IMO, of why rilucas doesn’t work in the romantic sense.