bmw hood

The Secrets We Share

1300ish words of Lynch brothers talking about stuff. Thanks to KL for looking it over once again. <3

It’s nearing dusk. The air feels cool on the bare skin of Ronan’s arms, the BMW’s hood frigid beneath his body. He sips his beer with a twinge of guilt—he doesn’t like to drink in front of Matthew. He’d cracked the bottle without even thinking after their day in Cabeswater with their mother. The melancholy of leaving her had drawn him to it like a moth to a flame. Coping mechanisms. He sighs and sets it down on the hood between himself and Matthew and looks over at his brother. He’s watching the sky, the slightest hint of a smile curling his mouth. His angelic golden curls are in disarray and he wipes them from of his forehead.  

“Why do you think you made me look like Mom more than Dad?” Matthew asks, still smiling at the stars above.

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okay so having a conversation with @chained-lucy and we’re talking about pynch moments and just okay:

oh my god okay so you know how adam is like mostly deaf in one ear now bc of his dad??? right so like ronan is instinctively always on that side of adam so that adam can hear him when they talk quietly and so that when they want to listen to music together it’s super easy and like okay so yeah all that

but like imagine them laying the opposite way they usually do on the bmw’s hood and they’re just listening to music through the speakers of the bmw (ronan turned it up pretty loud) and they’re out in the mountains and they’re looking at the stars and i’m imagining the song wait by m83 is playing and it’s a super calm mood and like they’re sitting there and all of a sudden ronan turns on his side and starts staring at adam really lovingly but adam doesn’t notice right away since he didn’t really hear ronan turn. okay are you imagining this???

okay so then like adam turns to look at ronan and notices how ronan is laying and turns to face him. and it’s this really sweet moment and the song is playing in the background and ronan really gently brings his lips to adam’s and kisses him softly but deeply. and it’s super cute okay.

get ready for the kicker - when the music swells toward the end and there’s build-up and stuff ronan sort of half-whispers that he loves adam. it’s the middle of the night and the music is decently loud and they are out where no one can hear them. and he half-whispers “i love you” and adam is so in love. adam is SO FUCKING IN LOVE. the moment is literally perfect. ronan found literally the PERFECT moment to say it. and he lays flat again and takes ronan’s hand in his and they lay there for a while and adam is smiling stupidly and ronan is holding back a smile because he finally told the boy he loves that he loves him. and when the song ends and it’s that quiet moment right before the next song starts, adam says “i love you, too”.