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OK, so there’s that post circulating about how Riley could have been named Beverly based on the flash forward ep BMW, and then people added that she could have been Plankton or Chewbacca, and can I just say that honestly the biggest disappointment of Eric’s appearances on GMW for me so far is that he doesn’t call Riley Chewbacca or Auggie Plankton. That is a callback that I am so here for. 

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An idea: gmw makes it to hs graduation. Billy, Missy, the rebel, Farkle's geek friends, Charlie, Marly, Sage, etc show up and we get a "other side of the school" joke like Stuart in the BMW graduation ep

I demand it 😆

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It would be unfair to the audience beacuse it's a story about Riley and Lucas's relationship from the very beginning. It's about Lucas and Riley meeting the world together without anyone to get in the way. Just like how it was for Corpanga, bringing Maya into the picture is saying that it's okay for Shawn to date Topanga, in Boy Meets World.

Holy cow. Are you trolling me or something?

The A-plot of the GMW pilot was RILEY AND MAYA. The A-plot of the entire show is RILEY AND MAYA. GMW is not a show about “Riley and Lucas meeting the world together without anyone to get in the way.” If that were the show, then that would be the show. But it plainly is not. Per the creator, ALL of the other characters are peripheral to RILEY AND MAYA meeting the world together.

The backbone of BMW was CORY and his best friend Shawn. Topanga didn’t even show up until episode four, and even Corpanga’s wedding wound up being largely about…you guessed it: CORY AND SHAWN. Topanga only recently passed Shawn in terms of number of appearances and that’s only because she’s a principle character on GMW. Topanga wasn’t even main cast on BMW until S2! And even then her appearances were far more sporadic than Shawn’s. In fact, missing several episodes of S1 is damn near the only thing the Lucas character has in common with the Topanga character on a meta level.

The romance/love/Corpanga arcs on BMW were about these two kids who got super lucky and found each other young after a clueless (but later retconned) start, however: the primary CORE of BMW from beginning to end was always CORY AND SHAWN. Cory had TWO extraordinary relationships which he recognized from a very young age. That’s not the case with Riley. Riley just has the one so far, and that’s with Maya. She’ll probably get a second “extraordinary relationship” one day (if the show’s not cancelled, sigh), but it’s getting pret-ty darn clear that Lucas prrrrrrobably ain’t it.

Unlike BMW, the romance/love arcs on GMW are about these kids’ inability to understand their feelings or what they truly mean. The perception of love vs the reality of it. It’s not about Riley and Lucas falling instantly in love forever and ever and then meeting the world together with nothing ever getting in the way.

And here’s another thing: had Shawn and Topanga discovered they had genuine feelings for one another—especially before Cory and Topanga ever got together and got in deep emotionally? That would have been perfectly fine. It happens. Cory and Shawn absolutely would’ve survived in the long run because their relationship (like Riley and Maya’s) was and is extraordinary. But that wasn’t a story on BMW. Shawn never had feelings for Topanga beyond “dang she glowed up hot” and “you’re one of my best friends.” It is, however, a story on GMW.

There was even an episode of BMW where Cory liked and briefly dated a girl Shawn liked too (behind his back, even!) so it’s not like Jacobs believes that kind of complicated emotional territory is “off limits.” Especially since he’s called back to that episode at least twice now, most notably in the GMW pilot and then again on the sly in GM First Date. Seems to me that he took an idea he explored on a micro level in one ep of BMW and is exploring it on a MUCH bigger macro-level on GMW over multiple episodes. (Hell, he even pulled a “two friends like the same girl” thing with Frankie and Harley, and later Eric and Jack. It’s pretty clearly an idea/storyline Jacobs is somewhat fascinated with exploring as he’s done it more than once.)

This is not and has NEVER been the “Riley and Lucas meeting the world” show. It’s the “Riley and Maya meeting the world” show. And corollary to that: both Rilucas and Lucaya have been “happening” since the pilot. And so has Riarkle, for that matter. Just because the other pairings weren’t played up big and loud and obvious at first doesn’t mean their stories haven’t been going on all along. Sometimes you need to look at the quiet little things to see the whole picture, not just what’s big and loud and obvious.

YO I was watching the ep of BMW called “Pairing Off” where Eric teaches Cory how to “get” girls and ya lessons learned about how that’s wrong and how you needa like learn about a person and know a person before you go out with them and the scene with Cory and the girl he asks out named Wendy parallels scenes with Riley and Lucas and at the end they don’t go on a date because they don’t know each other well enough so they decide to just hang out and get to know each other and it ends with Cory saying “Wendy…” and she’s like “yeah?” and he says “Hi.” and she says “Hi.”