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The third-generation of the BMW 6 Series Coupe, Gran Coupe and Convertible is proof that power can truly be seductive. The signature TwinPower Turbo engines launch 445 horses to a place of pure exhilaration. Whether it’s the sporty Coupe, the elegant Gran Coupe or the rush of the top down in the Convertible, there is definitely a 6 Series for everyone. Get to know them all in the latest installment of the Wallpaper Garage.

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BMW Builds a Self-Driving Car — That Drifts

According to BMW, fully automated racing is closer than we think. From Autopia:

At CES, BMW is showing off a modified 2-Series Coupe and 6-Series Gran Coupe that can race around a track at the limits of adhesion, and slide around corners like a throttle-happy Formula Drift ace. Both cars are outfitted with a LIDAR system, 360-degree radar, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras that track the environment. Partnered with the electronic braking, throttle, and steering control that’s standard on all new BMWs, the prototypes can run through a high-speed slalom, perform precise lane changes, and slide around corners, without any driver intervention.

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