bmw 1972


———-                           1972 BMW 3.0  - CSL                ——————-                                


Schumacher? Not a bad name for a seller of sports sedans like the BMW 1800 (1963 until 1972) Neue Klasse, an early example for the Hofmeister kink design feature, the low forward bend at the C-pillar named for BMW design chief Wilhelm Hofmeister.


BMW E9 3.0CSL (1972)

This is the legendary Batmobile, the 3.0 CSL with the full racing aero package. With this and the 300 pound lightening it dominated European racing for most of the decade and won the Touring Special class at the 1973 24 Hours of Le Mans.

There has simply been no better racing livery before or since, absolutely no contest.