Rules: Put your music on shuffle and list the first five songs, then write your favorite lyrics from that song. You can tag up to 50 if you want, it doesn’t matter! 

I was tagged by the amazing chemxcals 

Crucify Me - Bring Me The Horizon

I am an ocean, I am a sea, there is a world inside of me. Lost in the abyss, drowned in the deep, no set of lungs could salvage me.

Morte et Dabo - Asking Alexandria

This power over the masses is a gift you don’t deserve
When your blood spills, we’ll drink from your skull
You can run, you can hide. Bitch, I’ll fucking find you.
I’ll tear your eyes out of your self-righteous face, Lord.
I’ll fucking find you. I’ll tear your tongue out of your rancid fucking mouth

Someone, Somewhere - Asking Alexandria 

Even though I’m on my own, I know I’m not alone because I know there’s someone somewhere, praying that I make it home.

Broken Generation - Of Mice & Men

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and apathy What did you expect when common sense is your enemy, I’d rather burn alive than drown inside your reality. Can you hear me? Are you listening? 

Issues - The Settlement

Until death, used to mean something more
Than a proverb framed on the walls of a broken home
Closed doors can only hide so much
Pacing through this hallway, I listen in disgust
As you divide my mind and force my years into minutes
Destroy the hands of time, the hands that made me whole

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Hey guys! It just struck me that you don’t know who we are (sorta) so here we go!

I’m Cate. I run this blog and I’m the bassist. My tumblr is emseear .

Wil (not a typo) is the lead guitarist. His tumblr is devilsangxl

Thomas is the drummer. His tumblr is unscsniper616

Becky is the singer. Her tumblr is potatoes-eating-ur-mom

And Nick is the rhythmic guitarist. He’s a loser so he doesn’t have a tumblr.

And that’s us basically! Now that it’s summer and we have a break from school, we’ll be holding more practices and hopefully doing something productive.

Thanks for sticking with us!

-Beyond Paradise