One of my trainee’s grad gifts came!!! I love it! The one on the right is his. They are bullet casings for the bullets used in M16s, the gun my trainee will be using. And they come with parchment paper to write a note and put it in the casing! I adore this. Get yours here!

I can still remember this day so clearly, waiting for him to come out with his squadron,the anxiety I felt as we waited until he was dismissed, bouncing up in down in my seat because I couldn’t sit still any longer, sprinting down bleachers somehow not falling and then finally being back in his arms. BMT was hard and so is this deployment but I just can’t wait to see you again.


this was the best day of my life. I cried so much and felt so much pride and happiness for him today. he grew into such a confident man. I was so excited when we were released to find our Airmen, I took my wedges off to run down from the top of the bleachers to find him. such an amazing day and I’m so glad I could be a part of it!


5 days with my Favorite Airman. <3

Drove with his family, for 22 hours from California to Texas, to see him for his BMT graduation. :D Finally seeing him face to face after 2 months made everything worthwhile… the wait, the letter writing, the loneliness. Just seeing him smile made everything better. (: Also, I spent thanksgiving with him, it was the best ever. :D

Day 1: Airman’s run, Coin ceremony, had dinner at this Chinese place.

Day 2: THANKSGIVING! (: Spent the whole day with him and his family. <3

Day 3: Graduation, Walked and had lunch at the Riverwalk, He surprised me with a flower. :D

Day 4: Sea World! (:

Day 5: Watched a movie (The Thing), drove back to California.

Been to the mini mall, almost everyday, and the BX twice. :P

Now, he’s at Mississippi for tech school. He’s farther. But it’s okay though, I’ll get to see him in December and spend Christmas with him. yay! :D