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  • Fandom: "We want butler routes!"
  • Voltage: "Okay."
  • Voltage: *releases Butler Until Midnight*
  • Fandom: "No, that's not what we meant."
  • Voltage: "???"
  • Fandom: "We want the ones that exist."
  • Voltage: "Oh! You want us to make other characters into butlers!"
  • Voltage: *makes MFWP event where the guys are butlers*
  • Fandom: "No. BMP."
  • Voltage: "No BMP? Okay."
  • Voltage: *cancels BMP Party and BMP Gree*
  • Fandom: "THATS NOT WHAT WE MEANT!!!!!"

1/31 - Happy birthday, Joshua! Part 2/2 (click here for Part 1)

Thanks to the help of my wonderful friend Kotori, we made a small cake based on the one featured in first BMP Gree/Party bday story of Joshua’s. It was a fun learning experience hahah there was some trouble but it was well worth it in the end! :’D Now to eat some cake.

This quick drawing/testing of manga studio is dedicated to BMP gree week!

More specifically this post (chiapeto) and even MORE specifically, this one (otomeproblems)

And really, to be more specific, it was inspired by both this (drawthecurtainstarttheplay) and this AWESOME dipiction otomesass made and also her straight up break down of this beautiful quote

I want to mention that Louis is definitely my favorite butler at this point(But very close along with Luke and Yu) Here’s something I want to point out between these three and their relationships

Luke: Very young and still in the shadow of his grandfather, he feels the need to constantly please Keith but when MC comes in and basically fucks up his cover, the only way he’s able to cope is by being cold and rude. Eventually, he recognizes that this isn’t how she deserves to be treated and starts to open up. Since they’re close in age, it turns out they have a lot in common. Yet, since Keith will always be the Alpha, he falls short in this aspect as well.

Yu: Dibs? NOPE. Glenn comes in one summer and sweeps MC off her feet, even when they were younger. However, he will always be her Yu-yu and it kills me that he’ll always be in the “friendzone”. The thing I like best about this relationship is that they know each other very well; before the royalty, they were best friends. Yet, their stars are off by just a pinch and MC ends up with Glenn.

Louis: This guy is the MOST passionate and super romantic out of them all. His words have a lot of depth and you can tell that most of his decisions and considerations have MC in mind. I feel that if it weren’t for all that he “owes” Edward, he would do anything to be with her. To me, it seems he’s the only one where you can tell that he’s hopelessly in love with her. (I would say the same with Yu, but there are a few times where you kind of question if it’s a battle of pride between him and Glenn) I also believe Edward is aware of his feelings (and if I recall, there’s a line in his non-gree route where he cleverly establishes this) but of course, there’s just no way he could give up his fairy. It breaks my heart evryteim. 


Louis let his work clothes fall to the floor, one by one, leaving a trail to his bed. He mentally scolded himself for letting his emotions get the best of him back there. What was he thinking, letting her see him like that? Surely, prince Edward wouldn’t be pleased with him feeling this way. And after all that he’s done for Louis…

Louis felt the tears sting his eyes once more and brought up a fist into his hair

“White chocolates, huh?” he scoffs, bittersweet. 

Why was he the one who got white, while the other royal attendants were given dark? He feels a stab into his heart; was she trying to tell him something?

It was quite a while ago, but he recalls when he was back in school and studying art. There was a theory that stuck with him ever since he wrote it down in his notes.

Black is the absence of all light; white is the presence of all light. This makes black void, and white all the colours. 

While pulling his blankets over himself, he sets the heart shaped box of chocolates in front of him. he plays with the bow, admiring the silky texture. Then something dawns on him, something he learned a few years ago in the philosophy class he took at Charles University. 

Symbolization - Chocolate: White chocolate symbolizes peace and the search for fairness and truth.

He bites his lip. There was something even more generic than that. 

May also symbolize inability to move forward with ones desires. 

He takes a deep sigh. It was proof, even now she was still in his thoughts. Even though the party was long over, he finished his duties for the night, and she was sleeping soundly in bed with another man. She captivated every aspect of his life, ever since she came to Charles. It was now officially his duty to look after and doesn’t trust anyone else to take care of her. Not even Edward, at times.

Every morning, he always checks in on her first. Some days, he’ll make her tea a dozen times over if it wasn’t good enough, even if she insists she doesn’t mind. He’s her shopping partner and fashion critic when needed. It wasn’t fair to him. Why does she get to captivate every aspect of his life, but he couldn’t be the same for her? 

Oh if she only knew what this chocolate meant to him…

Or was this her intention all along?

“My heart is already dyed in your colors…”


«Voltage Inc» Non Playable guys - Part 4 (Non Gree)

From the top:
Kei Koda - My Sweet Bodyguard (Sora Hirosue’s Sequel)
Ron - Be My Princess (Edward Levaincois’ Gardener)
Philip - Seduced In The Sleepless City (Satsuki Kitaoji’s Secretary)
Yuu - My Forged Wedding (Yuta Kajima’s Comedy Partner)
Kosei Miyata - In Your Arms Tonight (Aiba Shohei’s Sequel)

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A bit of a walk down memory lane for those of us who played GREE’s BMP star festival event (still my favorite). A photographer appears and photographs Wilfred and MC. MC protests and the photographer insists that he can photograph them (he then takes more photos) and then tells them not to think badly of him, he’s only doing his job. Then this happens…

The princes when MC’s work gets plagiarized (BMP)

I was tagged in a post by voltagematuregentlemansclub about the recent theft of creative work associated with the fandom. 
As a fan fiction writer myself, I know how much work goes into these pieces meant for everyone to enjoy, and how dearly a writer values feedback of all sorts from their readers. In plagiarism, not only is an author stripped of their pleasure in receiving attention for their effort, the writer’s time and creativity is belittled. There is no joy in receiving attention that was never meant to be yours.

These aren’t characters I’m familiar with. I tried. BMP GREE MC is the only MC i know of that has steal-able art. 

You stared down at the pages of the magazine before you, reading with complete disbelief.
How could they?!
It was a report on a budding designer, a pretty young woman from across the sea. Dotted across the page, among the the article, were pictures of her designs. Correction. Your designs.
They were literally pictures of your sketches, copied down to the style of lace around the bodice and ruffles in the skirts.
You shove the magazine away from you angrily.
It was so unfair, so rude, so ridiculously insulting that your work had been stolen like this. You put heart and soul into every design, and someone could just come and take it all away. You weren’t even upset that they were getting famous for it. You knew your art was of quality. 

But the stealing.
The disrespect.
You feel tears well up in your eyes as you get up from the desk with a loud scrape of the chair. Shuffling over to the shelves, you pull out your sketchbook and start flipping through your designs.
Well, to the rest of the innocent and deceived world, her designs.
Your fingers close on a page and you hear the tearing of the paper. You crumple up the sketch in your hands and watch your hard work go to ruin. There. So what. No one else would care. No one cared about your work.
Chewing your lip, you throw the rumpled ball across the room.

He grinned as he poked his head around the doorway, expecting to see your smiling face. He was greeted with a paper ball to the face and he jumped.
Roberto picked up the assault weapon and opened it up in confusion.
“Why are you throwing your sketches around? Feeling frustrated?”
He approached you with a bright smile that would normally make your heart lift. You gazed up at him sadly.
“Why do I even try, Roberto?”
“A little bit lacking in inspiration is okay.” He smiled and kissed your temple, wrapping an arm around you and handing the wrinkly sketch back to you.
“It’s not that…”
“What is it then?” His voice was so innocently curious and you sigh. Walking over to the desk, you show him the stolen sketches. The brown eyes widen and Roberto’s smile twists into an angry frown. “That’s your work!”
“Yeah…” You say softly, weakly, letting the sketch slip through your fingers again as you slump into a chair. “Why do I even try, Roberto? I tried so hard too, and someone just-“
He squats down beside you and pets your head gently.
“It’s okay.” He said soothingly. “Here, come on.” Roberto takes your hand and pulls you to your feet.
“Where are we going?”
“We are going to set this straight.” He said, shaking the magazine in his hand. “Come on, _____________, grab your sketches. Someone needs a visit.”
“We’re going to see her?”
“We’re gonna take action and tell her and everyone else that this is yours.” Roberto grinned at you and nodded reassuringly. “Come on! The magazine says that she has a presentation today at 1.”
Your boyfriend’s grip tightened on your hand and gave you a tug.
“Don’t be worried. I got your back. You don’t deserve this kind of treatment.”

You had tried to hide the problem from your boyfriend, knowing that it was quite a trivial matter compared to his duties with the kingdom. What you hadn’t been expecting was a letter summoning you to court.
“Joshua, when did I file a lawsuit for my sketches?” You look up in shock as you read the letter he handed you.”
“You didn’t.” Joshua fixed the intense violet eyes on you.
“But then… how…?”
“I filed it.” He looked stern and serious. Joshua comes to stand in front of you, gazing down into your face. “We’re going to sue them.”
“But what? They’re your designs. No one else is allowed to take credit for them.” Joshua’s voice was filled with controlled anger. “We’re going to sue them.”
Something in your heart smiles at your boyfriend’s complete seriousness. Him paying attention to your problems simply made you happy. A smile graces your lip.
“The prince himself filing a lawsuit for a few sketches? Won’t the media-“
“I’m not doing anything illegal. I am reestablishing your claims to your artistic property.” He said firmly. “I set up the lawyer and everything. Just be ready to say the truth on that date.” Joshua gestured to the papers in your hands.
“You’re welcome.” He smiled, quite proud with his work.
Your heart warmed and you threw your arms around his waist. Joshua’s body stiffened in surprise. You felt him embrace you slowly.
“Joshua, how did you know about all this?”
“I…” He blushed a little. “I recognized them from the time you showed me. And you left a couple of the crumpled up sketches where I could find them.”
You gaze up at him gratefully, eyes glowing.
“This means a lot to me, Joshua. Thank you…”
“No one gets away from stealing in Dres Van.” Joshua’s expression turned fully serious, his voice dropping to a steely tone. “Especially not from their future queen.”
He didn’t notice anything wrong with his words, nor your blush, and patted your shoulder. There was something particularly endearing about this thoughtful, supportive man before you, and you roll up on your toes to kiss his cheek.
“Thank you, Joshua.”

“What’s wrong, my dear fairy?”
You seemed so distant, so distracted as you drank tea with him in the garden. You quickly put down the empty cup that you had been sipping at absentmindedly.
“Nothing much, Edward.”
“I see the shadows in your eyes. What’s drinking my love’s happiness?”
You meet the earnest amethyst eyes and feel your problems pour out of your lips. Tears welled up in your eyes at the kind look upon your boyfriend’s face, and you felt a twinge of guilt as he listened to the way someone had stolen your designing work.
“That’s quite an offence.” Edward said finally, as you fall silent, reaching out across the table and taking your cold hands in his. “Were they so desperate for ideas? Or for fame?”
You shook your head.
“I do not know.”
“Would you find more comfort if you spoke to her, my love?” Edward asked gently. “I could arrange that for you. Perhaps taking in regard their point of view would sooth your heart and set things right?”
“That sounds good.” Your voice was quiet. “I just… I don’t know… I don’t know what she’s thinking, and what she did hurt.”
Edward leaned in and brushed a light kiss to your forehead. He lifted a hand to stroke your cheek.
“I know it did, my sweet. I’ll get Louis to get her in contact, alright? I’ll bring you to meet her and sort this all out.” His lips touched your forehead again, a little firmer this time, more reassuring. “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind.”

“Where are we going?”
“Stop asking so many questions.” Your boyfriend huffed in the car beside you. It was strange to be riding in the passenger side, Keith gripping the wheel instead of Luke. He looked like he was controlling his anger, and you wonder what’s gotten him so worked up.
Keith pulls up in front of a hotel, and half drags you out of the car.
“Keith! What’s this for?” You were blushing horribly, mind jumping to the dirtiest conclusions. Your boyfriend pulled you inside and led you down the corridor to one of the presentation halls. “Keith!”
The prince of Liberty quite literally kicks open the doors. You flinch as they throw open with a bang and he tugs you into the room behind him. Countless cameras clicked and a buzz rushed through the gathered crowd. Keith looked up and saw the young woman standing there with an entourage of reporters. With you in tow, he stormed over to her.
“Hello, Miss Zarla.” His lip curled in a sneer, the dangerous look outlined with the flashing colour of the emerald eyes. Your hand tightens around him. “Would you like to explain why you are staking false claims to works my girlfriend - the future princess of Liberty, mind you - had sketched?” His question was spoken sternly, with the commanding tone that stemmed naturally from him.
“Er…. Your majesty…”
“If you would like to see the original drafts, I have brought them, with Nobel Michel’s written comments dated upon them.” He flipped open the folder in his hand and displayed some of the crumpled drawings you had tried to throw away. Questions were shrieked from the reporters, recovering quickly from their shock and tuning in on this major outbreak.
“Is this… a little too harsh?”
“No one gets away with stealing your work.” He threw another glare in the direction of the woman, who was now swamped with demanding journalists and insulted guests. Keith pulled you aside. “I’m not going to let anyone get away with it. Do you understand me? She brought this upon herself. You could have sued her.”
You case a glance at the young woman, and turn back to Keith with a gentle smile.
“I think it’s enough. Can you please call the media away?”
“You are too kind.”
“Keith, be merciful. She’s already shamed enough.” You insist. Keith patted your head and walked back into the storm of flashing lights and whining microphones to end her public embarrassment.  As he dissipates the raging crowd, you lean in and peck his cheek in adoring appreciation for all he has done for you. There was just something about Keith, the blunt way he tried to make things right for you, that made him so dear to your heart you could never let go.

“That’s pathetic.” He grumbled as he shoved the magazine off his desk. Yu had handed it to him, purposefully having folded a corner to ensure that Glenn noticed the designs - your sketches - chalked up under someone else’s name. “How could they do that?”
“Miss ___________ often uploads her sketches into her online storage system. It is fully possible that someone entered her account and did a little editing.”
Glenn got up from his desk.
“Where is _____________?”
“Miss _____________ seemed like she was very upset with the publication of the article. I would think that she is in the garden to relieve herself of such negativity.” Yu watched as the prince hurried out of the study, finding scraps of comfort knowing that you would be taken care of.
You sat in the garden, pulling your dress left and right, the fabric dragging over your knees. Staring sadly and blankly at the flowers, you hardly notice when your boyfriend sits down beside you.
Glenn watched you expectantly, and narrowed his eyes at the lack of response.
You looked up. Glenn sighed and took one of your hands in his.
“You feeling okay?”
Slowly, you shake your head.
“Stop pouting.” He mumbles as he scoots closer and pulls you into his arms. “It’s okay.”
Your fingers grip his clothes and you whimper softly against him.
“It’s not fair… I tried so hard…”
“I know. I know.” Glenn clutches you closer. “I promise, I’ll set things right. I’ll do it for you, alright? I’ll talk to her and the media and sort it all out for you.” He touches his lips lightly against your temple, holding you in his embrace. “Trust me, okay?”

You had tried to hide the sadness away and put on a happy face for Wilfred’s sake. He seemed to see right through you, however, and gently eased the truth out of you.
“It’s hard to imagine that someone could hurt you like that.” He kisses your hand. “Would you like them to apologize? I could arrange for you to meet her.”
“I just want them to…. to tell me that they shouldn’t have stolen my designs… I mean… I should feel flattered the someone likes my designs, but I… She stole them… right?”
“Right.” Wilfred’s calm, cool tone was soothing. His grip on your hand tightens warmly. “This isn’t flattery either, _____________, this is theft. I do believe she owes you the most sincere of apologies.”
“At least… she has to tell me why… Designing is my life… I can’t imagine someone else wanting to copy another’s life…” The anguish corrupts your speech into uneven sections. You wrap your slim fingers tighter around Wilfred’s hand. The relaxed blue eyes smiled at you.
“I understand what you mean.” The blond prince stroked your cheek gently. “Now, now, I’ll organize for the two of you to meet and discuss this matter. The magazine will fix the article, and it will be alright.” His touch brushes over your lip. “Look at you, she’s not worth your sadness.” Wilfred pulled you against him and wrapped an arm around your waist.
“Don’t fret about a thing. Relax, _____________. No need to waste your precious time being upset over such a rude lack of manners.” Wilfred kissed your forehead tenderly. You snuggled against your boyfriend’s chest and peering into his eyes with starry admiration. He was so thoughtful, so considerate to you. “Look at you, isn’t this so much better?” He watched the tiny smile blossom over your lips as you gazed at him, and kissed you fleetingly. “It’s all going to be sorted out.”

I tried. 
Thanks for the read!!