bmp chibi edit

Forecasts say that it’s gonna rain BMP princes on your dash ( ̄∇ ̄)┌"“

I have no idea when I made this, but I wanted to post something, so here   (・∀・)つ

After one song


Roberto: …..yo..lo……….

Someone save Roberto

nazhuka kuon-jc

[Note that this is a chibi edit done by me and not the original chibis image. Please don’t repost these anywhere else. Also, please ask before and credit when using for edits. Thank you.]

Roberto: Prepare for trouble!

YY: Make it double!

Roberto: To protect our sweets from confiscation!

YY: To avoid Alberto’s dissatisfaction!

Roberto: To escape as swift as the wind that blows!

YY: To vanish as smoothly as the river that flows!

Roberto: Roberto!


Roberto: Together, facing the butler’s anger!

YY: The moment to run, is now or never!

Roberto + YY: So goodbye, sayonara, whatsoever! *runs away*

Alberto: *sighs*

So I made my own BMP-styled chibi!♪ It’s not princess-like, I know, but that’s how I dress, so yea. Chibi Alberto is definitely not liking the appearance of my chibi XD