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Can you guess who these are?


Choose ONLY five Voltage guys you’d like to spend time with or have for Christmas.

In Alphabetical Order: My Babies

Ivan Chernenkov - Be My Princess 2
The Cold Perfectionist

Roberto Button - Be My Princess
The Flirty Extrovert

Soryu Oh - Kissed by the Baddest Bidder
The Cool Mobster

Tsumugu Kido-  Our Two Bedroom Story
Elite Pun Man

Yakov Chernenkov- Be My Princess
Soldier Prince

got tagged by @ohimebento. I wanted to finish this before December 25th ends. (It’s already 11:25PM here) My graphic skills are way too rusty but practice can sharpen one’s skills XD

Merry Christmas Everyone! I’m hoping Santa would make atleast one of these beautiful men real. P.S. Saki, I’m not sharing Ivan :P

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Before It's Too Late (A Joshua Leiben POV fic)

“Joshua. I miss you.” I hear the small voice of my fiance of six months chime in from the door of my office. I’m currently working on a very important proposal for Lord Michel and after all this time, she still doesn’t understand my duties as crown prince.
“Not now, honey.” I say, uninterested as my pen continues to jot down the outline for the proposal.

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                                                          The Lion Princes.