"Little White Lies" by bmouse
The Misc bin! A home for small unconnected DS9 ficlets that might have slipped through the cracks on my tumblr. Currently contains Garak/Bashir (is anyone surprised) and a little fledgeling Jake/Ziyal.
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Series of ficlets/drabbles, mostly Garashir, around all sorts of little situations, all of them quite sweet. I’m fond of the one I quote below but I think my favorite is the one involving Julian baking.


[Julian has been catching up with Miles via long-range transmitter. He’s on Cardassia, Miles is on Earth.]

He wonders what his friend sees; what changes are hidden, what evident. His hair is faintly fluffy where Garak helped him trim it (cool strong hands on his scalp - heavenly on a hot morning) but still longer than it used to be. He’s a shade darker than he’d ever been on the station. Cardassia is probably the most natural sunlight he’s ever had: a lifetime’s worth packed into a year. He knows he’s let certain things lapse. Most of the people he sees day-to-day don’t even have a baseline for what a normal Terran can do, and for the price of the ‘exotic offworlder’ label he’s free to be exactly what he is.

They talk and talk. About what everyone’s been up to, about the reconstruction terraforming, about what students are driving him ‘up the bloody wall’ and Miles doesn’t seem to notice any of it: not the longer nails, or the slightly-inhuman stillness in between his movements, or the familiar stitching on his pale green shirt because eventually he sighs and says “So… you find him yet?”

Julian smiles. “Yes. It took a bit, but yes.”

“Well? And?”

Miles scrunches up his wide honest face in a way that plainly says he feels it’s his duty to ask, no matter how much he might not want to hear the answer.

“I married him.”


Title: Little White Lies
Author: bmouse
Year Posted: 2014
Approx. Word Count: 6,900
Chapters: 12
GB - Slash or Platonic: Slash
My Rating (1-5): 3
Keywords: Ficlets, Post-Canon, Post-Canon Cardassia

“How long do people live? In your family?”

They were sitting on the porch, him in a proper sitting position and his housemate with his delicate Human feet dangling down over the edge. A sloped old-fashioned awning protected them from the hissing rain. He looked out into the garden that was standing valiantly against the million little blows, tilting his head slightly to show he’d heard the question and was just taking his time with the answer.

Commission done for @bmouse on her amazing fic A Long-term Plot, which is really good and everyone should read it (and other her stuff)! 

laconicfreak  asked:

I just had the conflicting realization that i might just ship MasaYou more than my KnB OTP KagaKuro

Hahaha, thank you, friend!! That is actually quite lovely to hear! I am so glad you enjoy this ship =D I SUPER enjoy this ship, and that’s very strange for me. I was talking to @bmouse about how I think technically this makes me Captain of this ship, and bmouse pointed out that really, I am the Captain and shipwright of this ship. I made this ship with my own two hands, I chopped down the trees myself.

I must confess, I have really enjoyed building this ship. I am just incredibly excited that people are willing to jump on this ship with me!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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The Meaning of “Snake Eater”

yesterday I went to a reptile meeting where one of the researchers worked with king cobras…..A picture of him handling a cobra came on screen, and he it called it “Snake Eater”

It turns out that the Latin name for the cobra is “Snake eater”

Because that’s what king cobras eat….. they only eat other snakes,….nothing else.

In the context of MGS,  the name is a reference to the Cobra unit……

BUT at the same time….cobras are snakes that eat snakes…… including their own…. so….if all the protags are “snake”…. they are all simultaeously the predator and the prey……

It’s the idea of the ouroboros…. the neverending cycle of simultaneous persistence and destruction…..


It’s a fitting name for the chronological first game…… 

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Speaking of pro-baller "Tiger" Kagami head canons... I want there to be like an article in Sports Illustrated comparing him to Tiger Woods and other 'bad boy' athletes that's all about what a giant sweetie Kagami is and how he's super ethical and has never been involved in any scandals and is an icon to the LGBT youth and married his high school sweetheart that he used to be on the same team with. Taking Kuroko's picture for the article is difficult but the picture turns out super cute.

the cutest omg

So today I met a woman and a kid about ten years old and they had a tiny dog. I asked what the dog’s name was and the woman said “Bashir” and I said “oh, Bashir from Star Trek?” and the kid’s eyes got big and he said “there’s a Bashir in Star Trek?” and the mom said very impatiently “you haven’t gotten to that part yet.” @bmouse

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bertholdt and reiner actually having a good day. maybe they get the same cell in the horribly facility or something. and someone sneaks them a cup of hot cocoa. that they share, like gross mushy bastards.

apparently my idea of “an actually good day” is “the characterswap version of my unfinished ymir/christa mind control fic”

so. you know. … THERE’S HOT CHOCOLATE ……..


The cocoa comes from Armin, who seems to be your designated handler; they think because he goaded you once he’s now fit to subdue you. Titan logic, not human: anything done can be undone–any exothermic reaction profited by. “It’s not poisoned,” says Armin, brandishing the mug. “Can you be poisoned? I suppose that’s an upside of photosynthesis, there’s no tampering with the sun?”

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This is from Bmouse’s fic where Raiden, wanders over to Alaska, moves in with Snake and Otacon. Despite the serious overtones, throughout the entire fic, I found it hilarious that Raiden sleeps out in the shed, pillowed amongst Snake’s dog team. 

The dogs are his drinking buddies and his furniture….the one with the black ears is his pillow and the fluffy white one and the gray one are his covers.

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bmouse  asked:

Hmm…Are you in college(gosh everyone is so young…)? Errr, what would you do if you had one year off without worrying about money? Have you ever been in love? Tell me one 2014 resolution?

Oh man thank you for the awesome questions bmouse~

College - I am in college right now in the US, hopping to transfer next semester to a University to finish up a degree in Communications/Writing now that almost all my basics are out of the way. It’s has taken me a while because I used to be a Music Major for percussion (in Colorado) so I had to do a lot of back tracking since none of that applies to this degree.

A Year Off - In all honesty, I would probably sit around for like, the first month at minimum, doing nothing but make things like drawing, painting, gifs, edits, write, like I do now but all daayyyy. Then I’d go to the UK to visit family, then probably travel around US to meet people I’ve met on tumblr. Then I’d try to convince someone to go with me to travel around the world, because I reaaallly don’t want to do that on my own. I have way to much anxiety for that. Especially with so many months I’d take it nice and slow. Also I want to find every percussion instrument in each country I visit, and have a jam with the locals. I need percussion jams in different countries like BURNING. We wouldn’t even need to have to speak the same language, we’d get a rhythm, beats, syncopation to do the talking for us, get the emotion through. And then we’d drinking and eat awesome food and it’d be great. Then for the last part of the year I would volunteer at different places around where I live so I could do some good but also get back into schedule. 

Love - I’m guessing this is pertaining to romantic relationships, so with that I’ve been in love 3 times. Although each time was very different, one was my abuser, who manipulated me with it. The other two were very genuine, each lasting over two years. Lesson learned from all that is I fall in love with people easily, just generally speaking too. I have to keep myself at a distance for a long time before I can let people in nowadays. It makes me sad, but it’s necessary, so I don’t become easily manipulated anymore.

2014 Resolution - My only, and I really mean only resolution has been not to wear make up. Which I haven’t yet!~ It’s also translated into just not generally giving a fuck anymore. Thus the new hair cut with shaved head, no more plucking eye brows, wearing the clothes I want (bow ties, suspenders, combat boots, etc) It’s been a good year so far~

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Kira/Garak is my guilty ship Especially during the Snarky Basement Revolutionaries arc.I mean holy character development arc, if she can relate enough to a Cardassian to consider that kind of intimacy. Also Dukat would cry and spin in his lava pit..

“garak and kira stand next to the mouth of a volcano talking loudly about their oncoming child”

Today I learned that Tumblr has a meth fandom, and Meth Sjw’s that seek love, acceptance and legal rights for their meth smoking ways…….

And saying no to drugs is “Drug Shaming”

Also there seems to be heroin and cocaine fandoms as well. IDK much about them, but they probably dont get very large, since when fans get really hardcore into canon, they tend to dissappear. I wonder if there’s a combined fandom like Superwholock…..maybe call it Meherocain.


Oh my god….the drug fandom actually considers drug use as hobbies, just as valid as other hobbies….like building trains, or painting or yoga.

Drugshaming is actually a thing people speak out against….. Wow….