“I’ve set the rain to be cold and hard
I’ve set the sun to be bright and sharp
To wake you up from your hollow dream I’ll shake your bed with a thunder strike from my hand

Lets come all steal we will lie and cheat and turn around all their limit signs and redirect this great old boring road into the depths of a lions mouth Just to see ….if theres something we believe” -T. M. O. E

Untitled. Watercolor in Sketchbook. 3"x4"

This drawing is about taking the life you have, that were all given and finding your path. Taking risks and breaking away from the daily grind. Discovery is very important to me and has opened many beautiful and fulfilling places in my eyes , mind and heart. I remember as a kid sometimes being “bored”.I havent been bored in a long time. Life is too amazing to be. I take my music and brushes with me and soak in all my surroundings, from the grimey hard city, to the edge of the earth where it meets the sky. My bike acts as my wings. Peace and Love.