2300-2400 blocks, East Eager Street, Middle East, Baltimore.

Mural by Stephen ESPO Powers.


1300 block, West Baltimore Street, south side, 2014.

200 East North Avenue, Barclay, East Baltimore, 2015. Formerly Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and presently the Baltimore City Public Schools Administrative Headquarters.

My grandfather, Martin Louis Singewald went to high school here.

Click on this link to see what it looked like in 1931:


1200 block, West Baltimore Street, south side, 2014


899-879 North Howard Street, 2015

This block, which is too long to fit into one post, is the last block of Howard Street I wanted to photograph. There may be a couple do overs and a couple stray buildings I may still photograph if needed. Since 2010, I’ve photographed pretty much every building on both sides of Howard Street from Lombard to Read Street, excluding a few modern structures and the old Baltimore Arena. 

I’m going to upload all of my Howard Street images this weekend to my main website,, so that viewers can see the whole street in its entirety. 


100 block, North Howard Street, east side, 2012 & 2014

I’ve photographed this block twice and seem to always have issues with exposure and vignetting. I’ll get it right one of these days, but these will have to do for now.

800 block, North Howard Street, west side, 2015. 

This building is what used to be the old Richmond Market. It is the current site of University of Maryland Medical Center’s midtown campus. 


877-851 North Howard Street, 2015

Photographed the entire 1600 block of East North Avenue this morning. The Great Blacks in Wax Museum is planning on tearing this entire block down to expand and build a big glass building. Only the corner buildings will remain. Seems like a waste to me. #bmoreblockbyblock #northavenue #eastbaltimore #rowhouses #historic #architecture #history #preservation #greatblacksinwaxmuseum #baltimore #bmore #vacants #demolition #buildanddestroy


“Hee Haw Carryout,” 1001 West Baltimore Street, 2009 & 2013.

Here are two shots of one of my favorite buildings in Baltimore. The name is perfect. The first shot I did in 2009 was with a 150mm lens and Fujichrome Provia 100 film. It was a light overcast day and a little too much glare in the background. I re-shot it a couple weeks ago with Fujichrome Velvia 50 I’ve been using and with a 90mm lens. You can see the B&O Roundhouse in the background.

The rest of the 1000 block to come soon…

1735-1701 East North Avenue, East Baltimore, 2015. (Formerly Eastern Female High School)

My grandmother, Edith “Patti” Singewald, went to high school here. She and my grandfather, Martin Louis Singewald, grew up and met each other on North Broadway in 1933. She graduated from Eastern in 1926.

Click on this link to see what it looked like circa 1907:


1400 block, West Baltimore Street, south side, 2014.