About to load up the last two of twenty boxes of Fujichrome Velvia 100 I bought with my kickstarter money back in 2013. That’s 600 sheets of gold. After this, I’ll either buy a few more boxes or dip into the expired boxes people donated to the cause. #bmoreblockbyblock #fujichromevelvia100 #fujichrome #velvia #slidefilm #chromes #4x5 #film #ishootfilm #filmisnotdead

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2300-2400 blocks, East Eager Street, Middle East, Baltimore.

Mural by Stephen ESPO Powers.


500 block, North Howard Street, looking west-southwest from the roof of 520 Park Avenue, 2016.

Got a great view of the Mayfair today looking right in through its “roof.” The back of this building will be demolished and the facade plus 35 feet of the front of the building will be preserved. 


1300 block, West Baltimore Street, south side, 2014.


1200 block, West Baltimore Street, south side, 2014


Mayfair Theatre: Then and Now. 500 block, North Howard Street, Baltimore. 2016-2017.

This is my first public art installation! That’s my friend Ian helping with the install. I would’ve screwed it up without him! I was one of twelve artist chosen by the Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District on Baltimore’s West Side of downtown to create installations on the electrical boxes along Howard Street. They will be on display for a year and there is an opening to celebrate this Friday, 3/25, at the Bromo Seltzer Tower at Lombard and Eutaw from 5-8pm. 

Here is a link to the Facebook event page:

Check it out!

422-426 Old Town Mall [Gay Street], 2010

Throwback Thursday! Think I’ll make this a regular thing….

This is where this whole project started! 

To see the rest of the mall, go to this link:

Also check out the book I made for my masters thesis:   (*Let it load!*)

I’d like to make either a large book or a series of smaller books or zines for the block by block project.
Remembering the story of the Freedom House - Baltimore Heritage
1234 Druid Hill Avenue had a story unlike any other. Harry S. Cummings, Baltimore’s first black City Councilman lived at the handsome rowhouse with his family from 1899 to 1911. In the 1950s and 1960s, the building served as offices to the local chapter of the NAACP, hosting Martin Luther King and Eleanor Roosevelt when …

This is one of the reasons I’m doing this project. This is such a shame and waste. 


1623-1601 East North Avenue, 2015


“Hee Haw Carryout,” 1001 West Baltimore Street, 2009 & 2013.

Here are two shots of one of my favorite buildings in Baltimore. The name is perfect. The first shot I did in 2009 was with a 150mm lens and Fujichrome Provia 100 film. It was a light overcast day and a little too much glare in the background. I re-shot it a couple weeks ago with Fujichrome Velvia 50 I’ve been using and with a 90mm lens. You can see the B&O Roundhouse in the background.

The rest of the 1000 block to come soon…

2500 Pennsylvania Avenue at West North Avenue, 2016.