26th street collapse on video

Credit to Nick Reyes for video

Baltimore MD, April 30th

My city is burning tonight. That is my home, and I don’t want to hear any defense for the people doing this. Freddie Gray’s family is absolutely disgusted by these riots. Innocent people are in the hospital, severely injured.

This is not for Freddie Gray. And this is not a revolution. This is a bunch of teenagers spreading violence. They are looting and destroying their OWN neighboorhoods. They are looting and destroying their OWN businesses. The older generation is horrified and even scared by what is happening. Because, I repeat, the majority of these rioters are teenagers!

They have burned stores, homes, churches… They even burned a senior citizen home that was being built by a church. And then they cut the firefighter’s hoses.

Freddie Gray’s family does not want this. Freddie Gray would not have wanted this. No one wants to see their own city destroyed and burned to the ground.

And there is nothing, NOTHING good that will come out of this. I’m literally watching my home burn on my television screen.