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McCulloh Homes, West Baltimore, 2016.

These are the last 2 of the 11 high-rise housing projects remaining on Baltimore’s west side. They are also where the first and second seasons of The Wire were filmed, except in the show they called it Franklin Terrace, which was based on the notorious Murphy Homes and Lexington Terrace further south off MLK Blvd. They were imploded in the late 90s. 





MON JAN 11 - 6:30 PM

514 North Charles Street

Baltimore Organizing Meeting - RiseUp/Stop Mass Incarceration Network

Rise Up October brought forward and together the voices and participation of people from different sections of society including students and prominent voices of conscience - demanding Stop Police Terror.

A crew from Baltimore was there, including Tawanda Jones whose brother Tyrone West, was murdered by Baltimore police, Darlene Cain of Mothers On the Move and mother of Dale Graham, families of Anthony Anderson, Sr. and Kevin L Cooper - also murdered by Baltimore police and Reverend David Carl Olson of the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore.

Come Monday, at 6:340 PM at the First Unitarian Church (come in entrance at 514 North Charles Street) to carry this further in New Year.

It is very important that we build off of this, to take the struggle to stop police terror and murder further. The mistrial for Porter in first Freddie Gray case, action in Cleveland to have no charges against cops who killed Tamir Rice, the murders in Chicago, the refusal to drop charges against Keith Davis, Jr. in Baltimore and more make clear - WE CAN’T STOP - WE WON’T STOP - the fight to END POLICE TERROR AND MASS INCARCERATION needs to go higher, broader and more determined.

Our plans will include preparing Stolen Lives tour of college campuses in February.

Nationally, RiseUp/Stop Mass Incarceration Network is organizing regional meetings around the country to plan/map out ambitious and vital plans for this winter and spring. We need to send a crew from Baltimore needs to be part of this - going to the North East Regional Meeting in New York on Saturday, January 30.

And carrying forward this fight in Baltimore has national importance. After a mistrial of the first trial of the cops who murdered Freddie Gray, the second trial is about to begin. Our basic demand: “CONVICT THE KILLER COPS AND SEND THEM TO JAIIL - The whole damn system is guilty as hell” needs to reverberate and the powers-that-be need to see that the people will accept nothing less than this.

So see you this coming Monday at 6:30 pm at the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore! Bring your friends, bring your ideas and your determination

Joe Gans (born Joseph Gant) was an African-American boxer, born in Baltimore, Maryland, who was rated the greatest Lightweight boxer of all time by boxing historian and Ring Magazine founder, Nat Fleischer. Known as the “Old Master,” Gans was the first black man to win the world Lightweight title, which he won by first-round knockout over Frank Erne in May of 1902. Gans’ record was an incredible 158-12-20, 100 KOs, and he once fought three times in one night. For more on Gans, check out “The Longest Fight” by William Gildea which looks at the 42-round war fought by Gans against “Battling” Nelson–the third longest bout in boxing history.
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