Anyone who is interested in Podcasts and issues surrounding Police relations and brutality:

Hey everyone. The podcast Undisclosed is now doing a series for the next three months about police brutality against black men, women, and children. Episode one centers around Freddie Gray.
I highly recommend the series, but even more so these episodes to come.
You can find them on Apples Podcast app under “undisclosed” or at their website, undisclosed-podcast.
Their new team also features D. Watkins, who will be hosting their Addendum episodes that occur every other week (to every week depending on their timeline I believe). If you didn’t know, D. Watkins is a bmore native and has written award winning books such as The Beast Side: Living (and Dying) While Black in America. WHICH I highly recommend.
Just thought I’d share this. I think everyone should go over and have a listen. They did a fantastic job.