These leggings were my birthday present to myself.  They’re from Monet’s Water Lily Pond at Giverny, I think.  I’m not a huge Monet fan, but I like all the rich colors.

Leggings:; Top & earrings: Sears; Jacket: Goodwill in the Excelsior; Boots: Naot from Astrid’s Rabat; Red beads: from my mother-in-law; Green cuff: Limbo Lounge, 15 yrs ago; Blue bracelet: from Roseanne; Red lucite bracelet: thrifted; Pink purse: Coach Factory Outlet; Sunglasses: Air & Space Museum gift shop.

Photos by Buster in our neighborhood, 8/1/13.


Grandma Sweater

Sometimes I’m inexplicably attracted to strange 80’s garments, like this sweater.  I think what I like (besides the color explosion, of course) is how it looks like needlepoint. My husband says I’m ramping up for ugly holiday sweaters.

One thing I wasn’t counting on that totally fulfills me is how the legging and sweater colors match up vertically.

Sweater: World Wide Missions thrift store in Evansville, IN; Leggings:; Scarf: Nordstrom; Boots: Doctor Marten’s store in the Haight; Earrings: F21; Sunglasses: Air & Space Museum gift shop.

Photos by Adrienne at the Coffee Lab in Latimer Hall, 11/8/13.