Kara and Lena Eating Lunch In James’ Office

Kara: Your meal is like half kale, Lena.

Lena: No, it’s about 70% kale.

Kara smiles at her nerd bestfriend

Lena: I feel bad for not being able to finish it.

Kara: You can save it.

Lena smirks: I have a better idea.

Kara: No, no way. I am never eating kale.

Lena pouts: As your boss, I am ordering you to finish this plate for me, I don’t want it to go to waste. Pleeeeeeaaaaase.

Kara blushes and fixes her perfectly fine glasses

Lena Slides the plate to Kara: You can’t say no, I’m your bezzie mate.

Kara: Lee, you said we were BFF Forever

Lena: Yeah, but you like being my bezzie mate.

Kara: Fine, but tomorrow you will eat a slice of pizza.

Lena: Can’t. We are going to the gala remember.

Kara puts a small peice of Kale on her fork: The day after at BMMN

Lena: BMMN?

Kara almost spitting out the kale: Bezzie Mate Movie Night. Did you forget?

Lena: Maybe.

Alex walks in with Maggie: No Fucken Way! Kara Danvers is eating Kale. Actual Kale! You have something healthy in your mouth.

Kara bolts up, throwing the plate of kale to the floor

Maggie: Little Danvers! The Plate!

Kara stares at the plate, then Lena and Alex

Lena: Yeah, she ate it for her bezzie mate.

Maggie staring at the plate: I can’t even get Alex to eat vegan ice cream, and we’re the ones fucking.

Alex and Kara blush

Lena: Weeeell…

Kara flies out of CatCo

Alex’s jaw drops

Alex: KARA!!!!

Maggie: Lil D and Lil L are fucking?!

Alex faints