I woke up with a headache, but it’s Friday and I had an urge to be pretty. This is quite usual, and let me tell you why.

I’ve never felt very good about myself. I was bullied at school, and have always carried with me that there was something wrong with me. I never felt pretty nor did I care about clothes, make-up or hairstyles. There just didn’t seem to be any point. I just didn’t love myself, in fact I carried a lot of self-hate. I still don’t love myself, but I’m getting better.
2 years ago I met my amazing boyfriend that brought out all the good sides of myself, made me feel I was worth things like pretty clothes and treat myself with the things I wanted. (He was the one that bought me my first BlackMilk-leggings. <3) My wardrobe has since then grown considerably. I still don’t do make-up (besides from the occasional lip-gloss) or hairstyles, but I found clothes that really make me feel pretty and special: BlackMilk. So thank you blackmilkclothing for all the pretty things!