Bates Motel memes

I created three Bates Motel memes. The first two are meant to be gif or graphic memes and the third is the classic 30 Days meme, but feel free to adapt any of them to your own purposes. I just made these quickly, but I’m not feeling very well so I didn’t revise them thoroughly, please let me know if I made any mistakes :)

I’ll see if I can come up with something else in the next few days. You can also create and submit your own memes if you want to.

Bates Motel meme

  • [1] episode
  • [5] scenes
  • [3] characters
  • [2] family relationships
  • [3] non-family relationships
  • [1] scenery
  • [3] colors
  • [2] crimes

Pick one

  • One episode
  • One scene
  • Emma Decody or Bradley Martin?
  • Zack Shelby or Alex Romero?
  • Ethan or Remo?
  • Norma Bates or Dylan Massett?
  • One crime
  • One romantic/sexual scene
  • One pairing
  • One friendship
  • One family relationship
  • One place
  • One item/prop
  • One quote
  • One Norman moment
  • Optional: One Psycho reference

30 Days of Bates Motel

Day 1: Your favorite character.

Day 2: Your least favorite character.

Day 3: Best Norman scene

Day 4: Your favorite episode.

Day 5: Your least favorite episode.

Day 6: Something you wish happened but didn’t.

Day 7: Something you wish had never happened.

Day 8: Your favorite cast member.

Day 9: Best Norma scene.

Day 10: A scene that scared you.

Day 11: A scene that made you laugh.

Day 12: A scene that made you sad.

Day 13: A scene that positively surprised you.

Day 14: Your favorite plotline.

Day 15: Your least favorite plotline.

Day 16: Your favorite screencap.

Day 17: A pairing you like.

Day 18: A secondary character who deserved more screen time.

Day 19: Best Dylan scene.

Day 20: A death.

Day 21: A non-murder crime.

Day 22: Your favorite promotional poster.

Day 23: A friendship you like.

Day 24: A relationship you don’t like.

Day 25: Why you started watching the show.

Day 26: Best group scene.

Day 27: Your favorite quote.

Day 28: Your favorite picture of the cast (or any cast members).

Day 29: What you love the most about the show.

Day 30: Your predictions and expectations for next season.