So we now have all the songwriting credits for ‘Harry Styles’ - 

  • 7 tracks written by Harry, Tyler, Mitch, Jeff, Alex, and Ryan.
  • Carolina written by all the above and Kid Harpoon
  • Sweet Creature written by Harry and Kid Harpoon
  • Two Ghosts written by Harry, Julian Bunetta, John Ryan, Tyler & Mitch (probably the song Harry referred to as being written years ago)

[edited 6 to 7 because I was causing confusion by leaving out Sign Of The Times!]

The Reality of Body Mass Index

> Body Mass Index does not take into account muscle mass, bone structure, race, nationality, pregnancy, disabilities, amputations, or fitness. As a result, everyone who is not an able-bodied white male of medium build and fitness is more likely to be labeled with an “unhealthy” BMI score.

> The BMI system was not ever meant to be used as a way to categorize individuals; it was designed to observe trends in populations with a specific caution written into its introduction that it should not be used on an individual basis under any circumstances.

> Insurance companies shrank the “healthy” weight category in 1998 in order to accommodate a third category of unhealthy weight, obesity. Overnight, millions of Americans went from being in the ideal BMI range to being considered overweight. This decision made it easier for insurance companies to deny consumers coverage.

> Generally speaking, the statistics indicate that people in the overweight BMI category (NOT the ideal weight BMI category) have the longest lifespan.

> On average, fashion models have a BMI of about 16, which is well into the medically underweight range. We are surrounded all day, every day, by images of people who are very thin and furthermore photoshopped to appear even thinner, which leads most people to perceive those of healthy weight for their height and bone structure as being too large, including ourselves.

1 Month Vegan!

Today I officially hit one full month of being vegan. To be honest, it hasn’t been as difficult as I expected. As someone who is trying to lose weight, maintaining a vegan diet has been a savior for helping me avoid trigger foods (like pizza/ice cream/cheese) that I typically binge on. Because of this change in eating and some increase in physical activity, in one month I have: 

-Lost 13 Pounds (273 > > 260)

-Gone Down 1.8 BMI points (38.1 > > 36.3)

I definitely adopted a vegan diet expecting to maintain it as a permanent lifestyle change. Seeing how my skin, sleep quality, energy, mood, and body have improved? I have no desire to go back to my old diet. 

new focus!

I’m going to be trying to lose 20 pounds to bring myself to a healthy bmi and to feel more comfortable and confident in my body. right now I’m 164 pounds and my goal is to be 145, I’m 5'4 and that would make my bmi 24.9. I will be eating 1300-1200 calories which is 200ish less then I normally do and be adding in more cardio


New tune I’m working on with @nteel called “Used to It” #countryartist #nashvillesongwriter #countrymusic #country #original #bmi #recordcomingsoon #bmlg #music #acoustic #chorus #songwriter #nashville #usedtoit #originalsong #sadsong

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