❝ Before you macho, muscle-brained mice beat each other black-and-blue, does anyone care to introduce me? ❞

aka Martian Cave Mice are the living embodiments of·i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick his ass. i’ll kick my own ass.


Jeff Scott Soto - Biker Mice From Mars - Full Album

i gave in and had to draw this super dork

biker mice from mars has been one of my fav cartoons since like… as long as i can remember and vinnie was always my favorite fuRRY jeez
being able to draw him is just… it makes me so happy omg. 
i will probobly be doing more BMFM fanart (since i need to draw the other dorks too) so I made a sideblog for it all, I will probs post the fanart on that blog. (and probobly reblog to here lol)

Today somebody reminded me that I love Biker Mice From Mars, and so I drew the Vinster tonight. Warm-up for a larger BMFM commission I’ll probably be taking on from the same person.

Happy to say this whole piece was from memory, as I spent many hours drawing the bros as a kid. Vinnie was my favourite back then. Now it’s harder to say, but probably Throttle. After Carbine of course.