Why Bridgit Mendler?

Ten reasons why Bridgit Mendler is amazing:

1.  She’s a Disney Channel Star.

2.  Her songs are really catchy, especially “Hurricane”.

3.  She has a similar style to Cher Lloyd.

4.  She plays Teddy Duncan on Good Luck Charlie.

5.  Her debut album has 4 ½ stars on iTunes.  Tell me that’s not a great way to kick off a music career

6.  I’m a blonde.  She’s a blonde.  And, her song “Blonde” is soo good!

7.  She’s had her song “Ready or Not” played on Hit radio stations.

8.  This picture:

External image

9.  This live version of “Hurricane”:

10.  In relation to #8, it’s clear that Bridgit sounds amazing live!

Tell me, Why do YOU love Bridgit Mendler?

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