bmdesigns Sponsors St. Louis Fashion Week's Project:Design! is a sponsor for St. Louis Fashion Week this year and has granted all top 6 designers with $50 they can use to integrate in to their collections for the show. is also sponsoring one of the prizes for the Project:Design! show. Come out October 11th at 2720 Cherokee and see what it is! Here are some pictures from Brittany Davidson, one of the top 6 this season, to preview while we anticipate the show next Tuesday!




Project: Design! Interviews 2011 Contestant, Brittany M. Davidson


Name:  Brittany M. Davidson
Design Name:  BMDesigns
Hometown: Kansas City
Age: 23

Project:Design!: When did you start designing and what was your first design?

Brittany M. Davidson: I started designing when I was 7, I believe my first design was a robe for my grandmother for Christmas! My poor grandmother!!

P:D!: Who or What are your influences when you start a collection?

BMD: I am greatly influenced by travel; different sights and cultures often inspire an entire collection. I think it helps me to look at things from a different perspective or see something old in an entirely new way. Street fashion can also be a big influence for my designs. If I see a really interesting outfit I start to imagine what other kinds of things that person would wear.

P:D!: How did you get involved in KC Fashion Week?

BMD: A friend informed me that KC was going to be having one this year, so I applied to be a showing designer and was thrilled when I was accepted!

P:D!: What can we expect to see from you in KC Fashion Week?

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Model, Linzy Anna made a vlog during STLFW 2011 about her experience in Project:Design! modeling for both designers, Kelley Christine and BMDesigns.