Bring Me a Dream (Pt. 4)

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Summary: It’s night and it’s time for you to work your magic- literally.

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     Papers scatter the floor with runes and cryptic messages hiding their meaning from any outsiders as the gentle chirps of a cricket from outside your window brings you a sense of serenity. The moonlight shines in through the curtain and while alone it’s not enough to illuminate your room, when paired with the bedside lamp, it proves to be just right. The orange and blues hues melt together to create interesting shadows amongst your artifacts and along your walls- yet they fail to catch your attention as you have something of much greater importance at hand currently. The safety of your Dreamer, which is above any sort of distraction that’s thrown your way.

     All while wearing the PJs Mark had lent you the first time you arrived, which was delightfully and magically reclaimed, you study the words in your books with utter concentration. They rhyme and create darling spells one uses for such instances like your own, or offer information from the history of your kind and the others who have developed alongside it.  Both are fairly helpful, though you’re focusing more so on the spells before you get into studying the creature inhibiting Mark’s mind. Your finger skims across the pages and once you repeat the mantra enough to memorize it, you get ready to begin the spell properly. Hopping onto the bed, you reach over and turn off the light and air seems to go quiet- your cricket buddy apparently missing, you inhale and exhale deeply. Eyes shut, you sit with legs crossed and your elbows rest on your thighs; the position resembles the one seen in the book and in a soft, hushed voice the charm rolls off your tongue.

     “Yosia kellum o mitisia,” Keep them safe in the night,

     “Ui pulitzia r’obellae,” When we cannot,

     “Ryndo kellum o mitisia, ui denri sezas lot harenae.” Protect them in the night, when their enemies are in sight.

     As the words linger in the air, your eyes open again with a lavender glow shining from them against the darkness of the room. You begin to feel a wave of peace wash over which spreads a victorious smile onto your lips- though the war is far from done, this is a great step in the right direction. That beast is still here nonetheless, but for tonight, he’ll have no effect on your Dreamer. From this point on though, you’ll have to up the security each time with that thing being able to learn and adapt to such things. Turning the light back on you calm down prepare to stay up the rest of the night- which will consist of reading up on your history on how past Dream Makers dealt with threats. Though, the history of Dream Makers is something that’s always interesting amongst many present Dream Makers.

     After all, the tales of the Dream Makers beginnings have been oddly plentiful; each one differing from the last to the point where we don’t even know ourselves which version is true and what’s not. Though, if one thing is certain, it would be that Dream Makers were not always around. The Avant Period, a time in which there is no record of Dream Makers, was dark in terms of dreams, no matter how scarce they were back then. Creatures of the night would infect the mind and torment the Dreamers, occasionally driving them to pure insanity. They would make reality and fiction cross in the worst way possible, teasing their victims with deadly and sorrowful imagery. Perhaps, that is why the Dream Makers came about- or, at least according to one theory that is. The only resource Dream Makers have of their first presence amongst Dreamers is, peculiar as it may be, from the Dreamers.

     They started to write about us during Ancient Egyptian and Greek times, with characters like The Oneiroi and the god Tutu- both of which granted dreams. Tutu was said to protect against bad dreams and one of The Oneiroi, specifically the one made of horns, was said to be the source of prophetic dreams; as the other, made of ivory, was the source of meaningless dreams.  Although, both were still rather different than yourself and other Dream Makers.

     There was little doubt on the idea that Dream Makers had changed as the Dreamers had, slowly becoming closer to strengthen the link between a Dreamer and their Dream Maker. Somewhere during that time, it was decided that each Dream Maker will have only one Dreamer. This was good and bad; when Dream Makers fell they were easy able to adapt and due to our curious nature, explore alongside their Dreamers. Yet, this also resulted in the phenomena of young Dream Makers being inexperienced and more mistakes being made. This is still prevalent to this day.

     Dream Makers have come along way, but they weren’t the only ones who continued to advance. But strategies of how to defeat these creatures in the night, rose up and for each type of creature, certain methods worked better than others did. Some would be short and sure while others are long-term and can always change, you’re currently looking for one that’s long-term and sure. Of course, you’re not opposed to returning after this trip, but you hope it wouldn’t be for this reason.

     The piece of glass you found early sits on the table and you pick it up swiftly before plopping down on the floor. You study it curiously, the beast it belongs to probably already upset with the current spell; but, that’s what happens when you’re an evil jerk who messes with Mark’s dreams.

     Its orange hue reflects the light across the tiny room, sighing, you clasp your hand around it and cease its rays, the shard slices into your palm ever so slightly causing a small droplet of blood to rise. The pain is hardly noticeable as you open your hand, with your non-bloody hand you pick up the slight stained red glass and set it aside as you reach into your bag, grabbing a piece of cloth and wrapping it around the little room if only to assure that there’s no blood stains anywhere else. That would be an odd thing to answer to, after all.

     Your now bandaged hand reaches for a certain book with a dark green cover with a golden pattern on the front, it resembles the pattern of celtic knots with a large branching tree in the middle- it’s honestly quite beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Flipping through the pages, you finally find the one you need and begin to read through them; the information it holds prove to be necessary and helps to build your mental library on the subject. You decide to continue building upon the information for the rest of the night and go from one book to another out of your eleven books to find out the most that you can. In the end, you stay up until the sun’s rays shine through your curtains and make you realize just how long you’ve been up. Eyes scan over the floor, which is a mess by now, and you decide to to clean up before you have a quick charging session. You hide your supplies away in your bag and get under the blissfully comfy blanket, shutting your eyes, your thoughts fade as your mind rests from all the work. You’re happy to say that the first night back has been a success for both you and you Dreamer, you hope it will continue that way.

     “You already packed everything?” You question bewildered by his readiness, it’s not even ten in the morning and yet he has everything needed for the trip already packed up and ready to go.

     “Of course, not everyone sleeps in like you do,” He teases, his smirk threatening to show itself.

     Rolling your eyes playfully, you sigh and poke his arm, “I had a rough night,” an excuse that is an extreme simplification of the truth.

     “Sure,” Mark chuckles and pokes your arm back after tossing a bag into the trunk of his car, “Excuses aside-”

     “Oh hush, I’m telling you-”

      “Excuses aside, you have anywhere you want to go first?” He shuts the trunk and leans against it to patiently await your answer.

      Shaking your head, you simply drop it and ponder as to what you wanted to do, it isn’t long until you come up with an answer. “Can we get some slush before we go? That’s all I want, everything else can be up to you!” You chime with a bright smile spreading across your cheeks.

      He laughs but nods nonetheless, “I should’ve known that’s what you were gonna say.” Mark throws an arm around your shoulder and rubs your arm, his own smile mirroring your own, “How do you love slushees so much?”

      You raise a brow as you start to ask the real question, “How do you not love them that much? They’re such simple treats yet they’re so delicious and chilly! You could even say, I think they’re the coolest!” You offer a playful wink after that little pun- to which he responds with a groan and begrudging laughter.

     “And you still make really bad puns,” Mark runs a hand through his hair and despite his complaint, he continues to laugh. 

     “Then why are you laughing? Huh?” Your lips don a cheeky smirk as you poke his stomach, proceeding to mess with the sweetheart.

     “Because they’re so bad and stupid!” He explains and you begin to laugh with him, his reasoning is obviously flawed as you know very well that you’re puns are just punderful!

     “Sure,” You playfully repeat, hugging his waist, “Now, can we go get some slush already?”

     “If that’s what you want, chickadee,” His voice rings out cheerfully- a light laugh still lingering, he presses a kiss to your head, “Go ahead and hop in the car.”

     Your smirk settles back into a smile and you do just as you’re told, hopping into the passenger seat and excitedly await your kingdom of slushee to come.

     The chilled but divine taste of blue raspberry greets your tastebuds in the most splendid meeting. Mark ends up deciding that the park would be a relaxed but enjoyable day out and so, the two of you are now catching up on a blanket beneath a shady willow tree. Your cooled treat keeps you cool as well and Mark sips on his own, in between sips, the two of you go back and forth with simple questions.

     “Are there any new games you’re really into?”

     “Yeah! One called ‘Prey’. It’s just amazing- everything from the game play to the graphics. Plus, it’s in space! I love space!” His voice wistfully explains his adoration for the game, “I’ll have to show you, I think you’ll really like it.” Mark turns his head over to yours, his eyes holding a soft gaze with your own.

      You giggle and nod in agreement, “I’m sure I will, Mark. Space is pretty cool,” you agree with a beaming smile. Although, the Dream Maker realm isn’t exactly space, it’s also not not space- rather just in space but on a separate plane possibly. A plane that’s abundant with clouds yet still has the stars watching from above.

      “Where have you gone while you were away?”

     You hum in thought and shrug, “Maine, obviously,” you remember that’s where your ‘family’ is, and begin to list off a few more places you hope he wouldn’t be able to poke holes through, “I’ve been through quite a few states of course but I stayed the longest in Maryland, Wisconsin, and Oregon.”

      He nods and before you can slip in a question, he adds another one, “Did you meet anyone there?” While he attempts to ask it nonchalantly, you can sense a nervousness in his voice- which you can’t quite understand. There’s millions of people, how couldn’t you meet at least one person in one state-nevertheless three?

     Yet, Mark’s only asking in a hope to be subtle about a topic that’s been in the back of his mind since you arrived, did you meet someone that charmed their way into your heart like he has? Is there still an opportunity for a relationship to bloom or have you gotten in one since you’ve left? To say the least, Mark’s a bit jealous and paranoid around this subject.

     “What exactly do you mean by that, Mark?”

     He exhales deeply and his eyes shift to yours, holding curious but calm emotions within them, “Were there any others that you had a relationship with?” It’s a simple but troublesome question, because if there’s a chance that your feelings have minimized while his has stayed just as strong as they were before- the joy in his heart would dampen and tear apart like a piece of paper being dropped into water.

     And as much as you want to keep this a somewhat serious moment, you couldn’t help but laugh at that preposterous idea. Setting down your blue beverage, you turn to face him with a crooked smile on your lips, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but is someone jealous for no reason?”

     Of course, Mark scoffs and chuckles, “What? No, no, not at all!” He tries to convince though fails to, his arm reaches back to scratch the back of his neck and ease his nerves. He’s been caught, hasn’t he? Though, it won’t stop him from trying to blow it off, “I’m not jealous, just curious.”  

     Raising a brow, you shoot him a questioning look and begin to think of a mischievous plan. “Oh really?”


     “If you say so…” You trail off and then proceed to lean into him, a coy smile crossing your lips as you look up him, “Then what about you, Markimoo? Did you meet anyone while I was away?”

     Mark laughs and shakes his head, “No, between projects and work I don’t have much time.” Which is quite reasonable, Mark can be a bit of a workaholic and you can see how that may interfere with meeting new people outside of his career web.

     You nod and bite your lip, “So…Just wondering, how would you react if I did meet someone?” Are you pushing it a bit? Maybe, but only slightly. Besides, you’ve never seen the jealous side of Mark and out of pure curiosity, you now want to see that side of him.

     His brows furrow as his cool brown orbs move to yours, “Why do you wanna know?” A becoming smirk on his expression gives away his own growing interest in the conversation.

     Deciding to be honest, you shrug simply and answer truthfully, “‘Cause I’m curious to see you jealous-”

      “-I don’t get jealous,” Mark interjects though it only convinces you more of his possible jealousy in situations.

     “I’m not really getting that vibe, Mark. If anything, you’re probably a pretty jealous person, huh?” You tease, fighting back a giggle as you watch him shake his head with a sigh.

     “I am not.”

     “You totally are.”



     Mark chuckles and runs a hand through his hair, “What about you?”

     His questions catches you off guard, you tilt your hand and repeat his question, “What about me?”

     It’s now his time to be overconfident, which isn’t exactly a rare occurrence to begin with. “How jealous do you get?”

     You think for a moment and begin to realize that, in fact, you would be rather jealous if Mark had found someone. Though, you aren’t quite sure if that’s due to the celestial bond, a Dream Maker’s natural possessiveness over Dreamers, or just your own personality- or possibly a combination of the three. You laugh and nod, “I think I would be fairly jealous, not gonna lie.”

     Mark chuckles and smiles happily, “Then, maybe, just maybe, I think I may have been a bit jealous if you had met someone.” To know that you’d be jealous if he had found someone, well, it actually makes him delighted and hopeful that you do still return your feelings for him.

     “Good! I think I’d love to see you being jealous,” You admit, as you find yourself being pulled closer to him, his arm settling around your waist.

     “I think I’d like to see you jealous too,” Mark agrees, another chuckle flowing sweetly from his lips, “It’d be funny!”

     You roll your eyes playfully and poke his chest, “You’d be the funny one, if anything!”

     “No,” He ‘corrects’ as he then uses an oddly high pitched voice to say the rest, “Oh Markimoo! Stop talking to her! My heart, I can’t stand it! Markimoo, no!”

     Your eyes narrow as you watch this peculiar mockery of his, you groan and run a hand through your locks. If he’s going to play this way, then so are you. In the best baritone voice you can do, you start, “My chickadee stop talking to him! I’m way more handsome and funny than he is, guaranteed! Baby, no!”

     This eventually progresses into a playful banter and somehow ends up with the two of you running from each other in the park; namely, you are running away from Mark. Yet, the two of you never seem to stop laughing even if it causes you to lose your breath quicker, it can’t be helped.

     A pair of strong arms lift you up and throw you onto their owner’s shoulder, “Mark! Put me down!” You try to be demanding but your bout of giggles make it hard to do so.

     “Never!” He screams, and while you can’t see his face, you can hear that boastful smile in his voice and a similar one begins to spread onto your own lips.

     “You’re such an idiot!”

     “I’m your idiot, baby!”


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