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Give us some expensive headphones hcs?

-Rich is always borrowing clothes from Michael without asking but Michael doesn’t really care b/c Rich looks adorable in them

-Rich steals them b/c they’re all oversized (and therefore super duper comfy) plus they smell like Michael, who has the scent of cinnamon sugar cookies 24/7 (and Rich LIVES for it)

-When they’re cuddling Rich always places his face in the crook between his head and shoulders

-As they spoon, Michael runs his fingers through Rich’s curly hair with one hand, if he’s not wearing gel, and rubbing his back with the other

-Rich usually wears his hair slicked back and Michael leaves it alone but when he doesn’t have any gel in, Michael can’t keep his hands off

-Literally his hair is SO soft it’s amazing???

-Michael tries to get Rich to eat sushi all the time despite the fact he knows Rich DESPISES seafood

-Rich loves hugs! And Michael loves giving hugs! They’re always embracing!!!

mock poster for a bmc boyband au that a bunch of us came up with on discord lmao


And heres my collage of our lovely Rich Goranski! I had no idea he had so many outfits geez…

The 4th one is of his “Mall Rich” character.
Also, he has 2 tattoos. 1 is a drumset, the other says “Rage & Love”
And to all fellow richjake shippers, there’s a pic of the cuties to satisfy lol.
Who to do next?…
a summary of every be more chill song:

Jeremy’s Theme (Instrumental): let’s face it no one listens to this one

More than Survive: Jeremy’s life kinda sucks. also, “mack daddy cane”

I Love Play Rehearsal: that one theater kid

The Squip Song: aggressive drug dealing in a public bathroom FROM JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN

Two Player Game: there is no heterosexual explanation for this

The Squip Enters: hello i am here to ruin everything

Be More Chill Part 1: they said the thing

Do You Wanna Ride?: *says pinkberry seductively*

Be More Chill Part 2: they said the thing 2: now with even more emotional abuse

More Than Survive Reprise: let the poor kid masturbate Squip

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into: lmao bitch u thought

The Squip Lurks (Instrumental): spoopy

Upgrade: Jeremy stop being a dick

Halloween: party hardy

Do You Wanna Hang?: im kinkshaming

Michael In The Bathroom: depression

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set a Fire): teenage gossip and arson

The Pitiful Children: the Squip graduates from dick to supervillain and goes BEEP BOP BEEP BOOP a lot

The Pants Song: still no heterosexual explanation for this

The Play: let’s reprise half the soundtrack ft. MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRAAAAAAAANCE

Voices In my Head: “I almost doomed civilization as we know it because i wanted to be popular. Lunch?"