I competed at National Showcase last weekend and skated to “I Love Play Rehearsal” from the musical “Be More Chill” for my light entertainment routine! I hope you enjoy! I had so much fun performing this!!

a summary of every be more chill song:

Jeremy’s Theme (Instrumental): let’s face it no one listens to this one

More than Survive: Jeremy’s life kinda sucks. also, “mack daddy cane”

I Love Play Rehearsal: that one theater kid

The Squip Song: aggressive drug dealing in a public bathroom FROM JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN

Two Player Game: there is no heterosexual explanation for this

The Squip Enters: hello i am here to ruin everything

Be More Chill Part 1: they said the thing

Do You Wanna Ride?: *says pinkberry seductively*

Be More Chill Part 2: they said the thing 2: now with even more emotional abuse

More Than Survive Reprise: let the poor kid masturbate Squip

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into: lmao bitch u thought

The Squip Lurks (Instrumental): spoopy

Upgrade: Jeremy stop being a dick

Halloween: party hardy

Do You Wanna Hang?: im kinkshaming

Michael In The Bathroom: depression

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set a Fire): teenage gossip and arson

The Pitiful Children: the Squip graduates from dick to supervillain and goes BEEP BOP BEEP BOOP a lot

The Pants Song: still no heterosexual explanation for this

The Play: let’s reprise half the soundtrack ft. MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRAAAAAAAANCE

Voices In my Head: “I almost doomed civilization as we know it because i wanted to be popular. Lunch?" 

Sooooo I’ve kind of fallen in love with this musical and need everybody to listen to it?? It’s a weird concept, but the music is awesome and the cast is SO much fun and I really hope there’s an opportunity to get to bring it back and see it in the future. 

I’m going to try and include a couple of prints of this at WonderCon, so if anybody’s a fan. Feel free to stop on by~ 


Bmc: The Heeres are the only canon Jewish characters 

Me: lol k

Why does no one ever talk about Christine saying, “(I have mad gigantic feelings, red and frantic feelings about most everything) like if I’m living up to all I’m meant to be” or when she says that play rehearsal is the only place she gets to be the center of attention??

Like??? Y'all sure are eager to portray the boys as complex characters but are clearly ignoring the gals or portraying them as 2D