bma modified,


Just a heads up about BMA MODIFIED:

The top picture is of the exact plugs I ordered- listed as one of a kind, what you see is what you get, already made. I ordered them on December 3rd, and a tracking number was not posted until December 19th. Between those dates, I sent two emails to BMA asking for an update, and only received automatically generated emails in response (letting me know that my requests had been received). I received a package on December 23rd, and after opening it I realized it contained an entirely different pair of plugs. I emailed BMA about the mix-up, and this time, they surprised me by responding the same day, asking me to send them back, and from there they would ‘sort things out’. When I expressed my concerns and lack of confidence with the amount of time I had already waited and the lack of communication on their part, the response I got was as follows: “I understand, we do, however, need those plugs because somebody else has ordered them. Once you have returned them, we will be more that happy to figure something out to accommodate you for the inconvenience. Again our apologies for the mix up. Thank you, Stephen Torres” Problem is, I had already opened them and handle them, and stone is porous and can’t be entirely sterilized. I’ve emailed them twice since then to ask if they have the original plugs I ordered, and also to express concern with the ones I didn’t order changing hands before making their way to wherever it may be. Today is January 11th, and I’ve still yet to hear anything. I don’t want these plugs sitting on my counter, but I also don’t want to be out on the money I spent. I’ve already wasted plenty of time, and I’m tired of wondering if and when this will ever be resolved. The second photo is of the plugs I received, maybe the person that took the time to pick them out and pay for them will see this.

My current 1/2” plug collection!

81 pairs in this picture (not including the pair my boyfriend was wearing when I took the picture). Also not including a few pairs I have smaller than 1/2” and my taper sets.

Love my collection! So fun and unique, and quite a few custom pairs. :)

If you’re curious about where I got any of them, just “ask” me and let me know which row and column they’re in, and I’ll let you know what site/shop I got them from! :)

Kind of lazy but, I have my prescription glasses as of last week. I’m getting the same pair in a different color, because when I eye doctor was fitting them he broke the frame piece that goes over my ear. I think they are white and brown, I’m not sure though. Lol. Also my new plugs came in the mail. Yay.