From DED Eye to one of the nicest YouTubers @therealjacksepticeye 

My girlfriend and I discovered Jacksepticeye back when we first got together. 

It’s nice to see someone from Ireland getting some recognition!

Slainte Sean! Go raibh mile maith agat!



What might be going on:

As we are shown thought Jack’s sister location video, there are various camera glitches on Jack’s facecam, with him either freaking out or it’s just gliching. If you look in the description, at the bottom reads a text that says “4:29 sleep with your eyes open can you find them all?” 4:29 was the time we first saw one of these camera glitches. And as you see in one of the pictures, Freddy is in the background of one of them. But at the top of the description, let this sink into your head, “"I think fnaf sister location is having a strange effect on me…”

I think that Anti is gonna be here for Halloween!!! Happy Halloween Anti!!!